How Do You Prepare For Your 30th Birthday?

How do you prepare for your 30th birthday? It escapes me now.

I was so giddy, excited and looking forward to that day a few weeks ago and now that it is looming near and is (OMG) becoming very real, well, I am lost.

Should I buy a smashing outfit to welcome the “real” adult  in me? Like, hey, I dress up for the new me. That’s a polite thing to do, right?

Should I buy sexy lingeries now and burn all my Donald Duck and flowery pajamas with other cute cartoon characters in it?

Should I write my bucket list and start really ticking them off? I know I have one before but I don’t know where it is now. Should I add that as well? Be more organized?

Should I start behaving coyly and demurely because acting like an overaged teenager won’t suit me anymore?

Should I stop watching sappy Star Cinema movies of John Lloyd and Bea and start creating my very own story worthy to watch?

Should I purchase my own house and start paying exorbitant mortgage fee because I have to move out from my parents’ house and have a place of my own in the future?

Should I buy my own car? Or if it is too expensive at least start pumping gas using my own money and stop trying to trick Dad and Mom to always fill up the tank and then use the car when they are not looking?

Should I start adding a new dish to the only three meals I can cook if my life depends on it?

Should I start having my own last will and testament? Oh. That’s morbid. And what is there to leave again? Do bills count?

Should I buy my own memorial plan? Eeeee.

Should I stop baby talking to my nephews and start treating them their age? Because hey, if I am turning one year older, they must have aged as well, right? They don’t drink milk in bottles anymore the last time I checked.

Should I stop eating in McDonald’s because I am not a kid anymore and Happy Meal  with all those toys doesn’t really make me that happy, you know?

Should I enrol in a gym and really take my health seriously?

Should I stop drinking cola and eating chips because my body is aging and it might give up on me sooner than I expected?

Should I stop wearing short shorts when I do grocery shopping?

Should I stop screaming when I see Adam Levine on TV?

Should I ban myself from watching One Direction because they are just so not my age group anymore?

Should I start buying stocks and improving my financial portfolio which is really non existent as of the moment?

Should I start buying diamonds?

Should I stop wearing those shirts with funny characters on it, like those old shirts of mine with rabbits eating carrots and stuff?

Should I buy decent underwears now? Those lacy stuff? Because the last time I checked it is still my Mom buying those So-en cottony panties for me that comes in a dozen per box.

Should I start wearing really padded bras so I would not look like really malnourished “there”? There should be a point in my life when I should give up that they will eventually decide to grow, right? Does 30 sounds fair or am I giving up too fast?

Should I think of adopting a kid and smother him/her with my tender, loving care? Or if that is too much how about a pet? A bird perhaps? They don’t die that fast when you forget to feed them for days right?

Should I start learning how to iron my clothes? Or maybe folding my clothes first and really stacking them neatly in my cabinet?

Should I start wearing proper make-up instead of that lowly lip gloss I got from Beauty Bar I got 3 years ago which is still not finished until now?

Should I buy more heels and less flats?

Should I start playing in the Casino? That’s what adults do right?

Should I start finally making my bed in the morning and really keeping my promise to do it?

Should I stop Facebooking and reading gossips and chikas about other people’s lives?

Should I stop taking naps and start doing more productive things like uhmmmm… what is productive again?

Should I start buying eye cream because wrinkles might come knocking earlier than I expect them? But how come I still get pimples? Does it mean my body still thinks it is in its puberty stage? That would be a relief if that’s the case, you know.

Should I eat more fruits and vegetables and less of those kikiam and squid balls and drinking their super amazing sauce?

Should I go and have my first OB gyne visit? Oh no. That’s scary.

Should I still tell my parents about my crushes or is it too childish now?

Should I still tell them that so and so kissed me for this number of minutes or so and so never dared attempted to even hold my hands on our second date?

Should I stop roaming around and just stay put in one place, establish roots and live my life like a responsible individual?

Should I visit and kiss my grandparents more?

Should I be smarter now when it comes to giving my heart away?

Should I be more meditative and more in control of my inner peace?

I really don’t know. I am lost.

Can you help me? Or should I start deciding things on my own now?

Tell me. Time is ticking off, you know.

The October Tradition

Too happy. 🙂

This is the 6th year of the Norman-Leslee Double Birthday celebration. And guess what? We are still counting. Yay!

Norman was a former student whose birthday falls almost the exact same date as mine. It just happened one time in 2006 (he already graduated from the uni and has started working), that he decided to celebrate his birthday with me and his other classmates in that particular course that I handled.

Well, I can’t blame him. I am such a charming, funny, lovely, sexy, can’t-get-enough-of-Ms. Leslee kind of teacher. Ok… ok… Don’t kill me. 🙂

Since he knows that my special day is just a few days from his, he made it his mission to always give me a free pass on his lunch/dinner celebs (read: singit). I always have a birthday cake even if it is his birthday! Yay! I am loved and blessed.

Anyway, the rest is history. We have been doing this celeb every year. It has been a tradition that we hope to keep as long as we can.

So this October is no different. The usual suspects in this double-birthday celebration are Norman, Chico, TJ and me. Other former students who were their classmates in that course join from time to time. But these four are the constants. Too bad TJ lives in Singapore as of the moment so he is MIA. He missed the great food, moist cake and most importantly the juicy chika. Oh well.

Call time was after work. And look what welcomed me when I arrived in LB?! The most vividly-colored rainbow I have ever seen this year. My jaw dropped. I forgot for a moment that I was driving. My heart was just singing.

Pardon the crappy shot. I didn’t do justice to the rainbow. I only know how to use Auto from my camera for now. I tried adjusting those ISO and F whatever then I shifted back to Auto. Eeeee. Too complicated. Other joggers and bikers were smitten too. For a moment, everybody in my hearing distance was talking about it.

Chico being the ever paimportante has to be fetched (again) in his office. And since he has several offices, I have to figure out where the fudge he is. Ok. He was in the Student Organizations and Activities Division (SOAD) office this time. Fine. And how many certificates can you count? What the… 🙂

We decided to hold our birthday dinner in Arla’s. Upon arrival, we learned there was Arla’s no more.

It turned out Cafe Antonio absorbed the resto. But no need to fret. The fave dishes like Soy Grilled Chicken and stuff are still intact. Cafe Antonio bought all the rights and privileges (say what?! I don’t know how you call that) of all the former resto’s recipes. So the menu is the same plus the great coffee, drinks and what-have-yous of the coffee shop. It’s a win-win situation if I may say. No need to jump places. All are in one now. Yay!

Chico being the ever maasahan reserved a table for us earlier. That was wise since the place is cute and cosy and can fill up quickly.

These are what we got.

Fish and Chips
Pork Tenderloin Steak with Mashed Potato
Seafood Spinach Fettucine
Soy Grilled Chicken with Brown Rice
Nachos with Chili Beef and Cheese

And I forgot to take photos of the drinks. I had my usual iced tea. This one is Chico’s which looks very interesting and sinful. I pass. Hello 59 kilos.

Red Velvet Frothiccino

And we are ready to eat.

(L-R) Norman, Norman’s girlfriend Cha, Chico and me

The food is so yum, I believe. The plates were extra clean afterwards save for the shells and bones that litter.

The usual reminiscing happened as well as updates. We don’t get to see each other very often especially since we rarely frequent LB nowadays. But I cannot help but feel unusually grateful that this kind of relationship lasted despite the odds. As what they say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” We surely have a will because we lasted 6 years to continue this October tradition.

The customary blowing of cake happened. Norman never forgets to include me in his cake. He is such a sweet soul.

Plus, look what I got?!

Turkish CAY BARDAK!!!!
Ama cok guzel!!! Masallah!
Cok cok coooooook tessekur ederim Chicocim. Ama siz cok severim.

Thanks Chico for that much coveted cay bardak aka Turkish tea cup. 🙂 Thanks for the extra effort of getting one for me from your recent trip to Turkey. I SO LOVE IT. I SO LOVE YOU NA. Eeeeek.


I love birthdays. I am a sucker for birthdays. More than the fear of getting older by a year, this special day is for thanksgiving.  Not everybody is given a chance to have another year of lease in this world, a chance to do things right, a chance to experience more, a chance to experiment more, a chance to live a life that God intends us to have. Birthdays make me pensive too. It makes me think of how I was the previous year. Was I nicer? kinder? more patient? more loving? What values were I able to cultivate? What trials were I able to pass? Who were the new people that I got to meet? Which new experiences did I enjoy the most?

Birthdays are more than just an ending, ending of a year that we want to hold on to and keep because we don’t like the idea of getting old. But birthdays are new beginnings, beginning of new challenges, new experiences, new life.

Soon I will be celebrating a milestone in my life. Oh yes, I am about to enter that number which I still have to make peace with. I am anxious and excited all at the same time. But if this celebration is a prelude to the kind of life that I will be having in the next 365 days of my new year, I am more than willing to usher it in excitedly. Oh yes, I am looking forward to that big THREE-OH. But not just yet. Big gulp. 🙂



Norman is really known as Nelson Aman in real life. There was just something wrong in my brain that semester when I kept calling him Norman instead of Nelson come recitation time. The name stuck. He will always be Norman to me. Advance happy birthday sweetie. I wish you all your heart’s desires.


Cafe Antonio is located in 5024 National Hi-way, Brgy. Maahas, Los Baños, Laguna.

You can reach them for reservations in this number: 09064550522

You can also check their website for the list of their menu and other updates: