On Being Grateful

birthday cake

Two weeks after my 33rd birthday and a proper thank you is in order.

I haven’t been good in showing my appreciation to people. I always assumed that somehow they will know that I am thankful for everything they did for me. But I know it is not the case. If there is one thing I learned, appreciation always makes a person’s day.

Hence here I am, thanking and being grateful.

I am not here to write individual prose for each and everyone who touched my life nor am I going to list all the significant persons who are relevant to me. It will just be a plain and simple thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone for being here for me and with me in the last 33 years and 2 weeks of my life. Cliché as it may sound but I will not be who I am without the individual contributions of you people, be it large or small, in my personal development.

I have always believed that we meet people in our lives never as an accident or just for naught. Call it the butterfly effect. Each and every person influences and affects our reality in more ways than we can imagine. I treasure all those interactions. I value them. And I am grateful for them.

It has been 33 years of wonderful existence and looking at the slice of life that has been offered to me, I can’t wait to have my second serving.

Cheers to another candle to blow in my cake.

I am thankful.



April 14, 2012
Carpenter Street, Singapore, Singapore

I was wrapping up my training in one hotel in Singapore. I will be flying the next day to Kuala Lumpur and I have to make sure that everything goes smoothly before I leave.

And somebody else was leaving aside from me. I have seen him several times in the hotel. Passing in and out of the lobby. I never bothered. To me he was just a typical traveler who is out for a quick holiday in the said city.

But it turned out he was special. I heard the receptionist talking about him that night. She has an appointment with him. Appointment? She said he will read tarot cards for her. For free. Ok. That got me interested.

So he is a psychic. And he was at that time traveling Asia for his Psychic Tour, so to speak. He comes to Singapore several times a year to meet his clients. Mostly businessmen who wants to seek his expert advice and give “forecast” on the things to come. Then he moves on to the next country.

How did I miss that?! How can I miss that?! I was never into this new age thingie but I am such a curious cat. I want to have my own reading too.

I have to suck up to the receptionist. She has been friends with this psychic apparently. She can be my link to a free reading. Of course I don’t wanna pay. I checked his website and the rates of his services and I just find it exorbitantly expensive. And I’m not even sure if he is real.

So she put a good word for me. He said he cannot read tarot for me as he has to catch a flight and has to check out already. That can I just give my name and birthday and he will email me his reading.

I was apprehensive. Just my name and birthday and he can give a reading? What is that?! But I reminded myself it is better than nothing. And it is free, which is the most important thing.

So this landed in my inbox that same day.

I read it. I got excited with it. And I forgot about it.

Until I was reminded about it again, reread it, and all the hairs in my body stood up. Call it coincidence or what-have-yous but what he wrote there really happened this year! How is that possible?

His Reading and My Notes

You are in a very quiet thoughtful time now so just relax and go with the flow of life. This month seems to be controlled by those around u but next puts u very much back in control.

(It was April and I was then moving from one country to another at such a funny speed. I just have to catch flights here and there. Work. I have no control. I didn’t even know then when I will be home.)

You have a great deal of love coming soon it makes life complete and brings a big change in your life, although like all things it will take time so be patient and just follow the clues that are shown to you and all will be well.

(This one was interesting. I dismissed it as the typical reading just to make the listener happy. But apparently, a month after, something unthinkable really happened. Love happened.)

Money also seems to be coming soon, earned money on the increase and also a bit of a surprise to before long, could be a bonus or a win.

(That June, which is the following month after the reading, I got some extra money. Money that was not expected. Money that was a surprise.)

You have an older man taking an interest in you soon but not sure if this is business or pleasure either way you will be smiling a lot.

(I met an owner of a company last July. He is an old man who offered me my new job.)

Try not to rush too much at this time as mistakes can be made, so relax take it easy and be open to life cos it looks as if by the end of next year all your dreams will have come true.

(Ok. I rushed. I made a mistake. But I am hanging on to the last part of his sentence, that next year, which is now, all my dreams will have come true.)

Also a move of home coming by the end of the year, with someone?

(I moved to Indonesia last November, that’s the end of the year. Who would have thought? And with someone? Is that the other expat colleague who joined the company the same time as me?)

Have fun. Life’s too short not to.



Honestly, what he wrote there pretty summed up the highlights of my year. How is that possible? Is there really a person who can peek into the future? How can they do that? What energies can they feel that we cannot?

2012 has been a great year indeed. Hands down. It exceeded my expectations. I have always been this positive person who always tries to see the good things in the bad. I also believe that words are powerful hence my pronouncement that my 2012 will be a certified BESTSELLER. But I never thought 2012 would be this great.

I will be forever thankful.

I wasn’t able to formally close my year as I was so busy then that I have no time to sit, reflect and write but truly, it was one of my best again.

Thank you 2012. It was a year of a lot of firsts. Thank you for all the first-time experiences, new characters, and life-long lessons.

But most of all, thank you 2012 for paving ways to make me learn more about myself, discover aspects that I never knew existed in me, and unravel facets that are just so exciting to realize.

It was not an easy ride. I cried a lot in 2012. But those tears were important for the development that was happening within.

Indeed I didn’t fail myself.

My 2012 was a certified bestseller.

And I will be forever grateful.