My Greatest Blessing Today

I am writing them down now just in case I lose that paper I was discretely yet hastily scribbling on as I listen to wonderful words of wisdom that only a wisened man with experience can truly and credibly convey.


I sat with him after dinner. He was having a drink with an expat colleague and I just finished working and eating at the same time. I brought my cup of tea to their table and tried to catch the ongoing conversation.

I asked him about his Batik shirt. That started it. We talked about work and stuff. Then the expat colleague stood up to go to the loo and my phone started beeping crazily. It’s the boss. I have to reply.

After finishing sending my replies I apologized for being rude and fiddling with my phone while he quietly sat across me.

He said he thought it was the boyfriend I was passionately texting. And that started it. I have to keep the brain cells working after that to remember all the nuggets of wisdom that came pouring like water. Too bad I forgot and missed a lot. But there’s still tomorrow. I will probably bring a recorder just to be sure. 😉

Him: Don’t work so hard that you forget to live your life.

Ouch. I am not really sure if I am guilty of this now but that was a nudge in the right direction. It doesn’t mean that if the work doesn’t feel like work that I will neglect myself from consciously stopping and start doing other things.

Him: People say they wanna know what’s gonna happen in the future but really, nobody wants to know.
Me: Why would people not want to know?
Him: Because that would be the end of ones dreams and goals.

Him: Sometimes you can get caught up in this place and just work and work. And when you you take a day off you feel guilty that you’re not working. Do not allow that to happen to you. I have only learned that fairly 2 or 3 years ago and I am 62 now.

This is me now.

It felt like I was reading my kind of book only this time I am hearing everything firsthand and I have to write down what I learned lest they are gone forever.

As we got up from the table and called it a night, I confessed that I wrote down things that I picked up from the conversation today.

He said that he does it all the time. I asked which one, the writing or the teaching? He said both. And then he continued, “I can only share what I think I did wrong in life hoping that others will learn from it and try not to repeat it. Work but do not forget to enjoy. Be wise with your money.

I have pissed with my money when I was young so I have to work even at this age. I can always tell myself I shouldn’t have traveled much and should have not done this or that but really, who knows what is right or wrong. There is really no right or wrong. In the end, just do whatever it is that makes you happy. And getting more money will not make you happy. Remember that.”

Definitely I will be sitting with him again tomorrow and hopefully play golf with him in the morning if I manage to escape from work.

He is my greatest blessing today.

When I Bowed to the Rain

Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.


I was secretly hating the rain. I, together with the other colleagues, have been meaning to do a trial run of flying Japanese lanterns for over a week now. The schedule is always cancelled. It has been raining consistently at night the past few days. There is no way those lanterns are going to soar with those droplets.

Today was no different. There was a drizzle again. Most probably the plan tonight will again be scrapped.


It was the last 30 minutes of my official working hours. Official because I still do work from time to time after work and today is one of them.

So I was bludging and checking some websites for “research” when I unconsciously peered out the glass window as I try to remember something. And then I saw this.


My eyes widened and my jaw dropped open. Holy shoot.

That is so gorgeous!

I have to laugh at myself for my over the top reaction considering I am alone in my space.

I quickly composed myself and grabbed my P&S sitting prettily on my table. I cannot let this pass.


There was no word to describe it. My heart was singing.



Who doesn’t love rainbows? Who won’t fall in love with rainbows?

I have to quickly run to my room and grab my DSLR hoping it will give me better quality photos (in Auto mode). Haha. I still haven’t gotten around fiddling with those buttons. I still don’t know how to use that camera!


I am not sure if there was any difference. But with such a subject, there is no way it will look ugly.

I fell in love over and over again with this place.

Everyday I never fail to thank God for placing me here, for handpicking these hills to be part of my life story. Surely His imaginations are always way way better than what I can fathom.


And as I capped my clicking spree I secretly forgave the rain for pouring today.

Because indeed, rainbows need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.

Thank you for the wonderful lesson.


Les, I feel like I’ve been convinced by some indian guys to go horseback riding with the Dalton Brothers in Cappadocia.

Really, what was I thinking? Writing on your blog? (Is it on or in your blog?? Ooooffff I don’t even know English enough for this! Give me a dictionary, lütfen!) you can see, I left it to the last minutes of this day. Cause I’m brazilian and we do that: we leave everything for the last minute!

Maybe not because I’m brazilian…maybe cause I spent the whole day thinking about what to write here, and thinking about everything we lived together and thinking how much you mean to me. And I couldn’t find the words to explain that…

What is the Universe telling us when it puts both of us in the same country, same city, doing the same thing and with some people in common to introduce us in the middle of a crowded street at the end of some random day?

Bilmiyorum 😉

I just know I thank the Universe for that. I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful that in the middle of a strange country, with people talking a strange language and having some strange food we decided not to be strangers anymore.

I’m thankful for our courage and for not having giving up on each other… Cause we have to admit: we even look weird together. It seems like we were not build to be friends! But we did it! In the middle of akward moments and some feelings that I was only thinking about beer and that you were not thinking about having fun (“She behaves like an old lady” I thought!)…in the middle of all these things, we made it!

And now, here I am… to start a new chapter! A written one 😉

Let’s see how it goes. Hope it tastes like manti and doesn’t look like a buyuk maymun 😉Imagem

My Accidental Snoopy Lunch Date

Guess what I found today? 🙂

I am down in Medan for a couple of days.

Medan is the capital of North Sumatra and is the third largest city in Indonesia.

The boss asked me to check out some shops and have my much needed R&R as well.

Lunch time.

We went to Hermes, a lifestyle mall in the city. We were looking for Buffalo, a resto where a friend of my colleague works. As we were searching for the place, I saw the elevator. My heart skipped a beat. OMG.


I followed the trail and look what I found?


Charlie Brown Cafe!!!

I went gaga.




I am not a big fan of the characters. My encounter with Charlie Brown were limited to the cartoons I watched when I was a kid and the coloring books back in elementary days.

But I know somebody who is gaga with Snoopy. And it kind of rubbed into me.

I started clicking away. It was crazy. My colleague wondered what the hell happened to me. I became a kid.



There were just so many interesting things. It looks like a mini museum. I love it.


I managed to convince her to drop the Buffalo resto plan and instead eat in the cafe.

Oh my. The inside of the cafe is prettier. Too many kid’s stuff. Too many Snoopy stuff.







Even their Chinese New Year decor has Snoopy in it!


It was just a disappointment that the food sucks. It was bland. Or maybe it was just what I ordered.


Nevertheless, the cafe was the highlight of my day.

I want to come back and try the Snoopy cake and coffee!