A Letter From God

I was chatting with a friend last night updating each other on the craziness that we did this year and how life has turned out so far. I am lucky to have her. She is one proof that you don’t need to be together for a long time or you don’t need to know each other for years. It’s just that when you click, you click.

So before we ended our girl talk, she suggested one good read that she thinks is very apt for me now. I found the title in Kindle, downloaded a sample, and then eventually bought it.

I want the book to be my end-of-the-year read. So I was thinking of starting a few chapters an hour ago when I remembered that I don’t have my journal with me. I scurried back to my room and got it. It has been a habit to write down thoughts while I read something nourishing. It makes the lessons stick longer.

And as I was browsing through my journal that I haven’t written on for a long time, pieces of paper not part of the notebook came out.

A letter from God.

I attended one retreat last September. A time when I thought too many things were happening all at the same time. A time when my greatest concern was a broken heart.

One of the activities there was to let God write me a letter. I reread it again. It made me almost choke in my seat. His words refocused my perspective and gave me strength to keep moving the ball forward.

Let me share to you that very personal letter of His.

God said,

September 30, 2012

My everdearest, sweetest Leslee,

How are you enjoying earth so far? Isn’t it amazing? The interplay of all the elements make it very amazing and a wonderful place to live.

I know that you are going through a period now. I don’t want to say tough because nothing is tough for me. Be with it. Ride with it. Enjoy the plethora of emotions that it is giving you. There is a lesson there, a wonderful lesson that I hope you will never forget.

It might seem sad, unfair, devastating, painful, unimaginable, unfathomable. I know that you are carrying hurt and pain with you now. Just let it be. You will wake up one day and the negative feelings are gone. I will heal you. But you have to learn the lesson first.

Everything that I created is wonderful and is from Me. You might wonder sometimes why things don’t turn out the way you expect it to be. I have My reasons. They are wonderful when revealed.

Take care of yourself now. Strengthen your heart. Open it and let love in. I have sources of love that you are blocking to enter. Let them in. I will take care of you.

Don’t worry about plans. I have them all laid out. Just follow the signs. Do your best. You won’t stray. I know you won’t stray. I put that strength and power in you.

Everyday is a new chance to live life. Enjoy it. I give it to you.

Sometimes you try to do things your way. Sometimes you forget that I am God. In those moments, I let you be. But I am always in a safe distance if you need Me. I know you want your independence, your free will, your exploration. But you know what? All of them lead back to Me. Because everything is from Me. And everything is for you.

In times when life seems unfair, it is not. Everything is under the Master Plan.

Lay your heart to Me. I know you are wounded. Let Me heal you. I will heal you. You just have to trust Me. I know what’s best for you. Keep calm. You don’t need to do anything. Listen to My inner guidance. You’ll know what to do when the right time comes.

Now, just enjoy your last days of being in your 20s. Isn’t it wonderful? I have a new set of great adventures for you to be conquered in the next ten years. It will blow your mind again. Everything is for you. Because I LOVE YOU.

Always here,

Yes, I Would Love Another Glass Of Tea. Lutfen.

Yes, ever since Fernanda, a very good Brazilian friend who made my stay in Turkey very very memorable, posted this video on my Facebook timeline last December 14, 2011, I have been obsessed with the book.

Yes, the book was such an embodiment of everything I love about the country.

Yes, when I tried looking for it in our local bookstores, I was not surprised that I can’t find it.

Yes, I was so thrilled when I saw this posted on my timeline last September 9, 2012.

Yes, Elsa or Lola, as what I endearingly call her who was one of my lifesavers in Turkey, caught my obsession with the book. She got infected herself. And since she lives in Turkey now there is a higher chance for her to find that book.

Yes, she found the book after searching high and low in one kitaphane aka bookstore in Istanbul.

Yes, Lola was such a good soul to remember me that she packaged that book and sent it some hundred miles away from Turkey.

And yes, after months of obsessing if I will eventually get hold of the book, it arrived. Actually, I think it arrived a long time ago but since I wasn’t home for the last three weeks I think it was my Dad who received it and forgot to inform me that my long awaited package has landed thereby reaffirming my belief that Philippine post office really works.

Yes, I am so so so ecstatic. 🙂 Especially since it also came with this,

Yes, it is one of my favorite Turkish delights. 🙂

Cok cok cok tessekur ederim tatlim. As what I wrote in my last birthday message to you says:

Lola!!!! From that time I saw you in the Turkish embassy in the Philippines crying in your sleeveless shirt and nice Adidas shoes complaining how Dasma is ripping people off with their stupid policies inconveniencing people, I have admired you from afar (and was actually silently laughing at you for wailing like a baby). Never did I know that our lives will be changed by that fateful day. I never thought you’d communicate with me and be a Good Samaritan to a poor Filipino having a difficult time in the land of Ataturk. You were my angel all those time. Thank you so much for sparing your time, money, extra room, and several cups of coffee to spend time with me. I hold them dearly canim. Life in Turkey would have taken a different spin if you weren’t there. I could have just packed my bags and left. You helped me see the beauty of the country by letting me meet your extended Turkish family and seeing who the real Turk people are. And with your special day here, I can only wish all the good things that this life can offer. More travels, adventures and misadventures, newly discovered coffee shops selling real coffee, nice running shoes for that 10 km you were preparing for, good cheese, nice wine, good book and a lot of the simple pleasures in life. Let’s travel again soon tatlim. Let’s believe it will happen again. Insallah. Enjoy your day and happy happy birthday!!!!

Yes, my wishes are still the same. You are such a good soul. You never fail to care even across the miles. 🙂 Ben cok cok coooooooooook seviyorum. Sus! Insallah haydi gorusuruz sonra!

Who Moved My Cheese?


That was my only thought as I put the book down. Wow.

If I have to rate all the books I have read so far this year, “Who Moved My Cheese?” will win hands down.

I have been seeing this book since Uni days but never bothered to buy and read one. My excuse before was it is too expensive for less than a hundred page of text. After several years, I find the storyline too simple and too self-help that I opted for the thicker, more “worthwhile” read.

Well, look who was enamoured by the book now? I found some downtime around 6 PM today and was reminded of this book that I got last Thursday. I actually have no intention of buying this book but as I was about to pay for a purchase in NBS, I realized I only have my credit card with me. No debit cards, no ATM, no cash. What the hell. I have to make my purchase reach a certain amount so I can pay via CC. So there, I grabbed this.

And I am smitten.

“Who Moved My Cheese?” captured the different behaviors of people when it comes to change. Simple as the characters and the plot maybe but I am sure the reader can identify who he resembles most in the story. It surely did it to me.

We can be Scurry, Sniff, Haw and Hem at one point in our lives and we can see where those characteristics led us. I have been all four and have seen their effect. But the main baon that I got after I read the last page of the book was that change is constant and the way we react to it will determine the quality of life we will have.

It was such a great story. You can finish it in 15 minutes if you’re that fast. But I am betting my book collection (which is not that much… haha) that the lessons will linger, challenge and move you to action to finally deal with that Cheese.

Please do yourselves a favor. Please read the book. 🙂

And the part which spoke to me greatly at this point in my life:


Alan gave me “The Present”, another of Spencer Johnson’s books, early September. He believes I need to read it. The story was simple but thought-provoking. Still, the book above gets the top mark.