What Did I Do Last Weekend?


“Over the course of our lives, we only get a few thousand weekends. The most successful people know better than to squander them by laying around or scrubbing the floors.” – Carolyn Cutrone in How Successful People Make The Most Of Their Weekends (link here)

After reading the book of Laura Vanderkram on “What Successful People Do On Weekends”, I was forced to evaluate how I have been spending mine and I have to say many of my Saturdays and Sundays were used mindlessly which leads me to the all time question come Sunday, “Where did my weekend go?!”

As I was in Indonesia when I encountered that book, I don’t have much liberty to plan mine as almost all weekends (and weekdays!) were spent on working. Now that I have the luxury of time, I am more than excited to implement this newfound knowledge on spending my weekends wisely.

This 2014, we have a total of 52 weekends. That is 104 Saturdays and Sundays combined discounting some bonuses from long holidays. That’s 104 days of doing something we have been planning to do if we only have the time but never get to go around. That’s 104 days of spending it just the way we want them. Bliss.

This year, I will try to post as much mindful things I did on weekends. I plan to make my days off matter and do something worthwhile. I know there will be days when I will just be a total bum and laze around but I hope they would be significantly lesser than before.

My weekends will not be full of trips, getaways or expensive entertainment. But instead I hope my weekend will be full of meaningful experiences which will give justice to these precious days.

Let’s make our Saturdays and Sundays matter.

I hope you’ll join me in this experiment of sucking the best out of life. Let’s see how much we can extract the best out of our Saturdays and Sundays.

For starters, I hope you had a great weekend.

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