The 10th before the 11th


I woke up to three beeps from my Blackberry. Who is sending me messages at such an ungodly hour of 6:30 AM?! Yes, 6:30 is still an ungodly hour especially when my alarm is supposed to wake me up at 8! Aaargh! I will really kill that person! Or maybe not. Not a nice thought in the morning.

With eyes still half-closed I tried to locate the phone and peered through it. It is one of my colleagues explaining to me what Niat or Niyyah means, an Arabic concept he was passionately explaining to me yesterday. Something about having one’s intention known clearly, like an honest resolve in achieving something. I will probably post about it one time (after I killed that person who woke me up!).

Actually, it was fair enough. I suddenly remembered about that concept around 11 PM last night and sent him several messages asking him how to spell the word while he was probably snoozing. So yeah, quits. And yeah, I love spelling.

I decided to check the other phone. Messages from *him*. Butterflies in my stomach. It made me smile.

As I was contemplating if I will go back to sleep, which is the only enticing option for me, my brain gave me a quick run through of what to expect for the day and I didn’t like it. It will be busy. Sheeeeshhh. I checked the date, 10th. What?! That woke me up. The last day before the 11th?! Is it that fast?!

After having some inner battle inside if I will try to get back some sleep or not, I kicked my heavy comforter out of the way, took a quick pee (yeah, I know you don’t wanna know) while steeping some tea, opened my window to a welcoming morning, listened to the birds chirping by the river next to my room, meditated and decided to make the last day before the 11th counts. I only get this one chance.

Good morning everyone!!! 🙂

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