Ms. Philippines is Ms. World 2013 (insert Proud Filipino here)


North Sumatra, Indonesia

You can really depend on the gay community anywhere in the world to remind you of the international beauty pageants happening around. I was out of the loop about the schedule as I rarely watch TV nowadays but I was gladly reminded as this event is very much anticipated even by gay people here in Indonesia. And while watching it earlier with Indonesian colleagues, I get constant update from my Indonesian gay friends in BBM as well about the event. Kudos to these great friends.

Even before the live telecast, I have been proclaiming to everyone here that Ms. Philippines will win. No doubt. Ms. World 2013 is ours.

And true enough, HOORAY to Ms. Philippines, Megan Young, for bagging Ms. World 2013 here in Bali, Indonesia! And hooray also to my gay Indo friends who joined and shared with me this moment of gaping at the TV with frequent shrieks and matching jump-with-joy every time Ms. Philippines’ name is called on stage! It was like I won as I get SMS and BBMs from Indo friends congratulating me for winning. Wooooooooooooooooooooo!

During these moments, it is extra beautiful to be a Filipina.

And tomorrow I am looking forward to jests from Indonesian colleagues on why I don’t look nowhere near Megan Young. I couldn’t care less.

Congratulations Ms. Philippines!!!! 🙂


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