Ecological Footprint: Living With Enough

I found myself yesterday in my favorite shopping mall in Medan, Sun Plaza. The experience would have made me ecstatic on a normal day. I haven’t been to a mall in almost two months and I should be skipping my way inside.

But yesterday was different. I felt suffocated.

The moment I entered the mall, it didn’t feel right. I thought I was just adjusting. I decided to walk around first to build momentum. The ball never rolled. I decided to spend time in the bookstore. Maybe being around books would help. Still the same.

I was out of the mall in less than an hour without buying anything. Not even a cup of coffee. That was a feat. I was actually dying to get out of the place. After a quick call for the driver to pick me up, I was out.

I actually don’t know what happened.

It must be an environmental shock.

It must be because I have been so used to living in the midst of the forest for a long time that man-made buildings with all those for sale happiness don’t entice me anymore.

It must be because I have been doing a lot of self-work recently and have been reading stuff about simplifying life and living with enough that I saw the items around as clutter.

Whatever it is, it was an interesting experience.

I guess I am evolving. It is so exciting.

Here’s to moving towards more meaningful experiences with less ecological footprint.

And I really don’t need extra shoes now. Really.


6 thoughts on “Ecological Footprint: Living With Enough

  1. So, from your experience that has many in the city, if in order, choose to live in the city or the simple life in the woods as it is now??

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