My Green Mango Experience

I’ve been wanting to eat green mangoes for a couple of weeks now. It must be that time of the year. In the Philippines, this beautiful fruit is in its abundance by now. I saw some in the jungle here 2 weeks ago lying on the ground. They call it hutan mangga or jungle mango. It looks like our indian mango to me. Anyway, being the picky me, I did not dare to take them lest they’ve been lying there for days.

Then from my recent holiday, I saw some stalls selling ripe mangoes by the roadside. I got some. They are so sweet! But there still aint no green mangoes. Up until I got into the office in our city. Oh my. Those are the mangoes I like!!!

The security guards found me weird when I shrieked in delight and begged them to pick some for me.

I brought them back to the hills and tarrrraaaaaaa… Here it is. They taste like heaven. The only thing missing is my bagoong. They have this version of shrimp paste here called blachan but it still tastes different from what we have back home. But I am not complaining. Just some toyo and asin are enough to satisfy the Filipino in me. 🙂


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