Back from the Holiday

I just came back from a quick holiday in one of the islands here in Indonesia.

Today, I am officially back to work. I am supposed to be still traveling on my way back to Indonesia if my South Korean trip pushed through. Thinking about what happened and what I went through with regard to planning and missing that trip still breaks my heart. But as my raja yoga teacher said one time in one of our meditation sessions, stop making your life like a telenovela. Stop repeating the same stories again and again in your head. It won’t change anything anyway.

So anyway, I was back in the hills yesterday afternoon. I did some work but was really just floating as my holiday mood is still hanging over.

Today, I really have to show up and earn my living again. Not.

I am still not back, I realized. I had a late breakfast, some short meetings here and there, replied to some mails, then went back to my room and doze off. Can you believe it? I dozed off? I forced myself to wake up a couple of hours later and went to one resto to have lunch. I saw the Aussie chef and started complaining that I am bored. He said the feeling is mutual. I was not in the mood to eat anything really so I just had my green mangoes. Then I was asked by the golfkeeper if I would join the caddy training today. They need somebody to play golf. Well, I have nothing lined up to do yet anyway. In short I spent the whole afternoon in the golf course with the other expat hitting those balls.

I was hitting from the tee box at first but after several holes and a lot of lost balls and wasted time, the Aussie expat declared that I will just be playing from the Drop Area. Fine. He probably needs to prepare dinner later and with me taking all the time in the world to hit those balls, we’d be lucky if we’re done come sun down. Anyway, I was just pitching and putting, pitching and putting, pitching and putting. It really looks like a boring game to me but when you start playing, somehow you get to appreciate it. Precision, accuracy, mental state, body control and a lot of other things are at play.

So there. The day is still not finished but will probably end the way it started. Slack. Tomorrow is another day.


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