My Sister is 27


I can’t believe you are 27.

27 sounds old.

Don’t you think so? It kinds of leave a bad taste to the mouth.

Where has all the years gone? It was only recently that you had your 18th birthday, then 20th, then 25th. And now 27!!! It is getting closer and closer to 30. Yikes.

But 27 is a good number. It was for me. And since you are my sister and we are so alike (except that I have more patience than you) I hope my luck with that number rubs into you.

I was 27 when a lot of new and wonderful things happened in my life.

I know you have a lot in the running on your 27th too. I wish that all those experiences wisen you and make you appreciate more life. I know you do appreciate it more now after what your 26th has taught you.

But life just gets better and better. At times when we think we are in a slump and nothing is going right or nothing is going the way we imagined it, we get surprised by life and we can just smile because of the good fortune that landed on our feet.

I wish you all the best on your 27th and I hope it teaches you things that will mark your life so when you look back, you can say that it was 27 which did this to you.

I will be missing your birthday dinner but my thoughts will always be there.

Happy birthday girl. I am looking forward to our next great adventure.

And as a birthday gift you can stay for 3D2N in the most beautiful and luxurious resort in North Sumatra for free. See. I am not that kuripot as what you always claim. :p

I miss you.


And did you notice how many times I wrote the number 27? Just so you’ll get used to it. 🙂 It can take quite a while you know. It is always easier and sweeter to say you are 25. :p