My Greatest Blessing Today

I am writing them down now just in case I lose that paper I was discretely yet hastily scribbling on as I listen to wonderful words of wisdom that only a wisened man with experience can truly and credibly convey.


I sat with him after dinner. He was having a drink with an expat colleague and I just finished working and eating at the same time. I brought my cup of tea to their table and tried to catch the ongoing conversation.

I asked him about his Batik shirt. That started it. We talked about work and stuff. Then the expat colleague stood up to go to the loo and my phone started beeping crazily. It’s the boss. I have to reply.

After finishing sending my replies I apologized for being rude and fiddling with my phone while he quietly sat across me.

He said he thought it was the boyfriend I was passionately texting. And that started it. I have to keep the brain cells working after that to remember all the nuggets of wisdom that came pouring like water. Too bad I forgot and missed a lot. But there’s still tomorrow. I will probably bring a recorder just to be sure. 😉

Him: Don’t work so hard that you forget to live your life.

Ouch. I am not really sure if I am guilty of this now but that was a nudge in the right direction. It doesn’t mean that if the work doesn’t feel like work that I will neglect myself from consciously stopping and start doing other things.

Him: People say they wanna know what’s gonna happen in the future but really, nobody wants to know.
Me: Why would people not want to know?
Him: Because that would be the end of ones dreams and goals.

Him: Sometimes you can get caught up in this place and just work and work. And when you you take a day off you feel guilty that you’re not working. Do not allow that to happen to you. I have only learned that fairly 2 or 3 years ago and I am 62 now.

This is me now.

It felt like I was reading my kind of book only this time I am hearing everything firsthand and I have to write down what I learned lest they are gone forever.

As we got up from the table and called it a night, I confessed that I wrote down things that I picked up from the conversation today.

He said that he does it all the time. I asked which one, the writing or the teaching? He said both. And then he continued, “I can only share what I think I did wrong in life hoping that others will learn from it and try not to repeat it. Work but do not forget to enjoy. Be wise with your money.

I have pissed with my money when I was young so I have to work even at this age. I can always tell myself I shouldn’t have traveled much and should have not done this or that but really, who knows what is right or wrong. There is really no right or wrong. In the end, just do whatever it is that makes you happy. And getting more money will not make you happy. Remember that.”

Definitely I will be sitting with him again tomorrow and hopefully play golf with him in the morning if I manage to escape from work.

He is my greatest blessing today.

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