When I Bowed to the Rain

Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.


I was secretly hating the rain. I, together with the other colleagues, have been meaning to do a trial run of flying Japanese lanterns for over a week now. The schedule is always cancelled. It has been raining consistently at night the past few days. There is no way those lanterns are going to soar with those droplets.

Today was no different. There was a drizzle again. Most probably the plan tonight will again be scrapped.


It was the last 30 minutes of my official working hours. Official because I still do work from time to time after work and today is one of them.

So I was bludging and checking some websites for “research” when I unconsciously peered out the glass window as I try to remember something. And then I saw this.


My eyes widened and my jaw dropped open. Holy shoot.

That is so gorgeous!

I have to laugh at myself for my over the top reaction considering I am alone in my space.

I quickly composed myself and grabbed my P&S sitting prettily on my table. I cannot let this pass.


There was no word to describe it. My heart was singing.



Who doesn’t love rainbows? Who won’t fall in love with rainbows?

I have to quickly run to my room and grab my DSLR hoping it will give me better quality photos (in Auto mode). Haha. I still haven’t gotten around fiddling with those buttons. I still don’t know how to use that camera!


I am not sure if there was any difference. But with such a subject, there is no way it will look ugly.

I fell in love over and over again with this place.

Everyday I never fail to thank God for placing me here, for handpicking these hills to be part of my life story. Surely His imaginations are always way way better than what I can fathom.


And as I capped my clicking spree I secretly forgave the rain for pouring today.

Because indeed, rainbows need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.

Thank you for the wonderful lesson.

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