I Want To Believe It Is Not Coincidence

7 b

I got into a pensive mode last night as I was preparing to sleep.

I was asking myself a question which I am not sure if it is worth asking.

How do we end up with these pool of people in our lives?

With family we can go on a lengthy religious, spiritual, philosophical and what-have-yous discussion but I don’t want to argue much. I just want to believe they are the givens.

But with friends, acquaintances, colleagues and other people who at one point in our lives we had contact with, how did they end up in ours?

How does it happen that one person becomes more valuable than the other?

What is the dynamics? Who orchestrates it? Is it fate?

I am just amazed.

As I was saying my night prayers and is beginning to enter Stage 1 and 2 of my sleep cycle, I can’t help but thank God for beautifully arranging every little event of my life, for putting all these characters in the story of my life.

In a world of more than 7 billion people, I want to believe there is a reason why we are part of each others life story.

I want to believe it is just not coincidence.


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