Dining in Medan


You go to Medan not for anything else but for eating, to satisfy your gustatory cravings.

I don’t have a very nice impression of the city. It is crowded, chaotic, dirty in some areas, always jammed with traffic, bustling. Typical of any Asian city that was caught unprepared in the burgeoning commercialism that is its future. Just like Manila.


Nevertheless, Medan is coping. Indonesians, I believe like Filipinos, are made from the same stuff. Resilient and adaptable.

So there, I haven’t really stayed long enough to explore the city save for the rare rendezvous I have here and there.

All I remember is that when I am in Medan, I always eat good food.



Medan is usually just a short stopover for people who want to explore North Sumatra. I haven’t really been around much as my work takes most of my time but the nice wildlife and scenery this part of Indonesia can offer is just amazing. One of these days I will just grab my backpack and see as much as I can on what this island can offer.

Going back to the food, they say Medan is such a delight to dine in because different people melded together here and brought with them their own culture particularly their way of cooking.

Malays, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Western, they have it. You got one rocking city full of food.

From cheap to expensive, from roadside to fine dining, from halal to haram (haha… yikes), Medan got it covered.

Last week, colleagues brought me to Cambridge, a hang out place for those who wants to be seen. I cannot be bothered with that stuff actually but the restos in the place are just amazing. Floors and floors for diners, I got confused which one to try.

After a while, I chose Chatterbox. The interior beckons. It looks so pretty. Plus the colleagues told me the food is not that bad too.



Chatterbox serves various cuisine. We ordered Chinese, Indonesian and Western food altogether. The food tastes good and fresh.





But what I like most about the place are the drinks!




They are so cute!!! They are such eye candies! And they taste so good too.

We were meaning to try a nice dessert place after dinner. Agenda canceled. No space for additional food. That one has to wait for my next visit, it seems.

For the moment, I am back to my everyday organic dining up here in the hills where I live. I am not complaining.juice


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