My Accidental Snoopy Lunch Date

Guess what I found today? 🙂

I am down in Medan for a couple of days.

Medan is the capital of North Sumatra and is the third largest city in Indonesia.

The boss asked me to check out some shops and have my much needed R&R as well.

Lunch time.

We went to Hermes, a lifestyle mall in the city. We were looking for Buffalo, a resto where a friend of my colleague works. As we were searching for the place, I saw the elevator. My heart skipped a beat. OMG.


I followed the trail and look what I found?


Charlie Brown Cafe!!!

I went gaga.




I am not a big fan of the characters. My encounter with Charlie Brown were limited to the cartoons I watched when I was a kid and the coloring books back in elementary days.

But I know somebody who is gaga with Snoopy. And it kind of rubbed into me.

I started clicking away. It was crazy. My colleague wondered what the hell happened to me. I became a kid.



There were just so many interesting things. It looks like a mini museum. I love it.


I managed to convince her to drop the Buffalo resto plan and instead eat in the cafe.

Oh my. The inside of the cafe is prettier. Too many kid’s stuff. Too many Snoopy stuff.







Even their Chinese New Year decor has Snoopy in it!


It was just a disappointment that the food sucks. It was bland. Or maybe it was just what I ordered.


Nevertheless, the cafe was the highlight of my day.

I want to come back and try the Snoopy cake and coffee!


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