Happiness on the Job

Never had I worked so much in my life. Seriously.

Last month, I only had 1 day off and it is funny that I am not complaining. Even if the body feels tired at night, it still wakes up in the morning ready to face a new day.

It must be the job. It must be the people. It must be the activities. It must be the mixture of everything.

In the next few weeks, I have to make sure everything is in the running:

1. Make sure the Chinese New Year decors are up and follows the agreed theme.
2. Coordinate the Chinese New Year program and make sure that everybody is accountable to their tasks.
3. Set up a Kids Zone.
4. Test run the Green Fingers program.
5. Start an Agro Trek Tour.
6. Revive the golf program but first make sure that I know how to play golf.
7. Test run the new mountain bike trek.
8. Set up the Fun Tours.
9. Assist a group of professional tour guides.
10. Coordinate the activities of web designers who will set up the new website.

Am I excited? Oh yes.

I just hope I won’t get exhausted.


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