Jalan-jalan – an Indonesian word for walking leisurely; sightseeing (or so I believe) 🙂

Let me walk you through my jalan-jalan today.

It was a bit cloudy. Actually, it is always cloudy here. We can almost touch the sky.


There is an orange plantation that is always on my route. I guess up until I find a new one.


I’ve been doing this walk for almost three months. I’m lying. I do this intermittently if the weather permits (but moreso if I get to convince the self that this is not punishment but an investment to a better me in the future). It’s only now that I noticed this thin shrub (or tree) or whatever. I think it is cute. And those clouds gently kissing the mountains. Sweet.


Then there is this small rest area that I hope to explore one time.


And on and on I walked.


There goes the orange orchard again. I can’t wait for the fruits to finally transform from green to orange. It would just be crazily beautiful.


And a shot I’ve been trying to perfect. Ahhh. Those clouds again.


It was dark when I did my descent back.


And this is where I lay and rest my head to sleep at night.


I think I live in paradise.

Don’t you think so?


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