December 29, 2012

10:50 PM

The phone is ringing.

Somebody said he sent a car to pick me up. He said I promised earlier that I will join in the karaoke tonight.

I was already in my pajamas ready to doze off early with an excuse that I have an upset stomach. But he was insistent. The car is not leaving without me, he said.

So I struggled out of bed and tried to dress up. Shorts, tattered shirt, sweater and flip flops. I hope it’s enough to keep me warm. It’s 12 degrees outside.

True enough a driver was waiting for me when I went out.

There were other people already singing Indonesian songs when I arrived. They seem to be having fun.

I chose my songs, sang a few offbeat English ones then settled with drinking my cola.

Then a new song appeared. Barcelona. That was the title. I thought it was an English song so I paid attention until I saw the lyrics. It is Indonesian.

As I slowly dug deeper into my seat getting bored as I read lines I don’t understand, I reminded myself that happiness is a state of mind.

I told the self to be in the here and now. That’s where we find happiness. I tried entertaining the self by paying attention to the video playing.

So that’s how Barcelona looks like, I told myself. It looks very familiar. Those roads. Seems like I’ve been there before. Market City. Wait. The name and the structure. Very familiar. The train lines. The streets. And then I saw it. The Cathedral. St. Mary’s Cathedral.


I’ve been there. I was there one early evening taking photos of the structure competing with somebody I barely know on who can make a better composition. I sat on those steps as the day was fighting with night. As darkness blanketed the city. I was in that city.



One of the happiest places of my life. Too many memories, too short a time.

I was chuckling inside. The song was very funny.

Barcelona but then Sydney.

I continued drinking my cola.

I found my happiness tonight.


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