Photos On A Personal Note

Funny how photos can evoke so much emotions.

I was checking out one app in Facebook which somehow chronicles the highlights of my year. The result was cute. It was a moving collage of the fun times that were.


But one pic was missing considering I think it is vital. So I decided to check on the album to refresh myself all the while thinking if I am ready for it as it can evoke emotions that I am still trying to deal with. And while I was in it, I got into a “conversation” with my Brazilian friend who is 1,000,000 miles away from me now. This link got us hyped: BREAKFASTS IN THE WORLD

We were talking about breakfasts in the world we would want to try together. I don’t know what happened but we suddenly veered into one nice, private joke we had when we were in Cappadocia, Turkey.

And that’s where the life lesson entered. I realized as I was looking at several photos reminiscing that

some memories fade because we let go of it,


while some memories stay because we nurture it.


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