Manny Pacquiao and Missing Home

Pacquiao made me homesick

I totally forgot it was the big fight. I was so busy checking Ikea online for Christmas stuff that we will be using to decorate the place here. Anyway, in one of those lulls when some Christmas images were loading, I checked my phone for some updates. And there, I saw it. The stream of tweets and FB posts came like water. It was like I was watching the fight. And then Pacquiao got knocked down. And then it was over. What the…

Despite the distance and the growing disinterest really in the sport because I find it too barbaric though I still watch it (I know…), I can’t help but be one with the Filipino community as we console ourselves for the great loss. I saw the twitpic of ABS-CBN and seeing Pacman lie flat, face down on the floor gave me the creeps. That is our champion. Heavy.

Anyway, the fight also made me think of home. Boxing fights like this transform the house into a fan crowd. All schedules for the afternoon will be cancelled. Lunch will be cooked early. Meal will be eaten 30 minutes ahead than usual, and the person in charge to wash the dishes will moan to high heavens because of the high chances of missing some very good jabs here and there.

My Dad loves boxing. I think his fascination with the sport rubbed into us unconsciously.

Since we were kids we always watch a good match with him on TV. It will all start early in the morning when we will all run for the newspaper and read all the commentaries about the fight, psych ourselves on who is the better boxer and then root for that person until he wins or loses. And it will end as we watch reruns and expert commentaries of the fight that was.

And now that I am here, far from the maddening cheers and hoots of all the Filipinos watching the match, I felt homesick. Haaaay.

I am one with every Filipino lamenting for this loss. I can’t say more. It was just a heavy, saddening loss. Even though we always say it was a good fight despite the knock out, we all know that it is Marquez we want to see there on the floor.

And I am also lamenting for the lost time I should have spent with my family preparing lunch early, eating the meal 30 minutes ahead than usual and hoping that it wouldn’t be my schedule to wash the dishes and miss some good jabs here and there.

I miss home.


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