It Is Somebody’s Birthday Today

It is somebody’s birthday today.

I was looking earlier at the photos of the time that was and just like that all the memories came rushing back.

I am in my pajamas now smiling like a fool alone in my bed with that fuzzy feeling in my stomach and a weird grin plastered on my face. My cheeks are starting to hurt actually. Too much stretching. Too much remembering. Too much beaming. Whoa. Time flies. It has been almost a year.

How do I begin?

The plan was to meet and show around a newfound friend who was coming back to Manila for a visit. You were never in the blueprint. But you tagged along. So there. You happened.

I remember I was late. I was stuck in traffic. Actually, I could have avoided the jam had I decided not to curl my hair. Anyway, my hair looked great and that’s all that matters.

So there you were in the marine park. I swear my heart skipped a beat when I saw you. And yes, I was 29 then. Those things still happen even in your after teens, I learned.

I always play it cool with people but with you I instantly felt shy. That feeling when your crush sits next to you and you were frozen because you’re so scared to look uncool and make a fool of yourself. Yeah, that was the feeling when I saw you.

You were just perfect the whole day we were touring Manila. I swear I’ve been sending shrieking messages to my friends when you were not looking. Girl stuff.

Night time. That was for the record books. It must be the combination of Smirnoff and some cocktails. I was rocking the dance floor. Of course rocking for me means dancing in one corner with my version of weird moves that mimics swaying. I was never a party girl so pardon the steps. They were unexceptional really.

I was dancing and you were dancing. You came nearer I didn’t care. You put my arms around your waist I willingly obliged. You put your arms around my waist I didn’t budge. The music was alternative rock but we were dancing like prom king and queen. I was smiling inwardly and was feeling careless because of the drink. I really don’t care.

Your forehead on my forehead. Wow. I thought that only happens in the movies. Minutes passed, or was it seconds? I lost count. The world stood still. Your nose on my nose. Oh wow. It’s getting even better. More than what I expected. And yeah, there. Eeeeeeee. I felt something on my lower left lip. Oh. Was it your lips? And before I can recover it was there again. Yeah. Confirmed. What the hell. I was raking my head trying to figure out how to go about this. Well, I stopped thinking. It didn’t matter that my friends’ mouth were left hanging. Astonished. Even I was surprised. I can just give myself a pat at the back.

We could have stayed there forever. I swear. But Cinderella needs to come home. Actually, the conservative friends had too much show. They can’t take it anymore.

So as I said, it is somebody’s birthday today. I really don’t know what you’re up to these days. Life decided things for us.

No worries.

But guess what? You’re one beautiful memory I go back to again and again. And it feels like my birthday everytime I do the recollecting.

So there, happy birthday. I would have kissed you today as a gift. But I am here and you are there so CANNOT CANNOT. 🙂

And that’s how far the story I can tell.

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