Social Identity Theory

Never has Tajfel and Turner’s Social Identity Theory rang true more than now.

You don’t do that to my ingroup. You never do that to my ingroup.

One thing I have very little patience of is stereotyped, prejudiced and racist remarks. I’ve had enough.

I was asking a new acquaintance of some happening places in the city. I was doing a research for a German friend who wants to come over for a visit only if the place merits a good nightlife that meets his standards.

Then off this person enters saying I have to have a local with me when I try those spots. I said sure, but the local should know his place and quickly evaporate from my side if I meet somebody interesting. Of course I did not mean it seriously and was just trying to make fun of the whole idea. And then he says “Oh yeah you’re not Indonesian. You’re easy. You just throw in some condoms and you’re off to go. No worries.”

If only I can throw the boiling Steamboat soup at his face so he can sense the gravity of what he said, I would have done that. But the polite and civilized in me just rolled my eyes 360 degrees over and over again and then I shut up.

As the blood from my face drained so as well as my appetite. The idea that I still spend time and have meals with him escapes me. I must be a masochist or something. After time and time again touching my sensibilities with his egoistic snide remarks and acting like an arrogant, insensitive asshole, I still have the kindness (or stupidity) to give him attention. I must be really out of my mind. Or I must be bored.

You don’t say those things. You never say those things. You should have learned that in school. You should have learned that from your parents. You should have learned that in one way or another if you’re the civilized person that you claim you are.

But no. Some people just don’t have it, will probably never have it and I just have to live with it. So much for growing up and living in a country where everything is nice and wonderful. You can shove it up your ass. Learn some manners then maybe I will change my mind. You irritate me to hell.

And if you think the mosquito repellent you bought for me an hour ago will make up for your insensitivity, dream on. I am neither that cheap nor easy. You can go to hell.


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