How Many Leaps of Faith Do You Need In This Lifetime?

In times like this when I am worried sick, anxious, scared and at a loss on what to do, where to begin, what to expect, how to leave and live, I just have to introspect, look within and find that inner courage and cheerleader in me.

This morning, when I woke up, I found myself fiddling through my old blogs. I have this habit of creating new ones as new life events happen. And then I can’t keep up, forget about it, and just leave it in one corner of the world wide web.

Early today I frantically searched for them. It was so funny because I can’t even remember my own usernames and passwords in those blogs anymore. It felt interesting reading through them from an “outsiders” perspective. What “that” person was saying resonates. I can’t believe I wrote them.

It was amazing to realize how the younger me can give that wisdom, strength and courage to the present me.

Thank God for this hobby of writing my thoughts. It was able to remind me and make me appreciate that I passed through similar events with flying colors before. So what is there to be scared of now?

Reflecting on my previous thoughts on some of the biggest life decisions I have made as an adult and the outcome that I was able to gather from them gave me that extra oomph and push that in 48 hours, as I embark on a new odyssey,  it won’t be that bad. It will not be that bad.

Actually, it will be totally awesome (again).


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