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Yes, ever since Fernanda, a very good Brazilian friend who made my stay in Turkey very very memorable, posted this video on my Facebook timeline last December 14, 2011, I have been obsessed with the book.

Yes, the book was such an embodiment of everything I love about the country.

Yes, when I tried looking for it in our local bookstores, I was not surprised that I can’t find it.

Yes, I was so thrilled when I saw this posted on my timeline last September 9, 2012.

Yes, Elsa or Lola, as what I endearingly call her who was one of my lifesavers in Turkey, caught my obsession with the book. She got infected herself. And since she lives in Turkey now there is a higher chance for her to find that book.

Yes, she found the book after searching high and low in one kitaphane aka bookstore in Istanbul.

Yes, Lola was such a good soul to remember me that she packaged that book and sent it some hundred miles away from Turkey.

And yes, after months of obsessing if I will eventually get hold of the book, it arrived. Actually, I think it arrived a long time ago but since I wasn’t home for the last three weeks I think it was my Dad who received it and forgot to inform me that my long awaited package has landed thereby reaffirming my belief that Philippine post office really works.

Yes, I am so so so ecstatic. 🙂 Especially since it also came with this,

Yes, it is one of my favorite Turkish delights. 🙂

Cok cok cok tessekur ederim tatlim. As what I wrote in my last birthday message to you says:

Lola!!!! From that time I saw you in the Turkish embassy in the Philippines crying in your sleeveless shirt and nice Adidas shoes complaining how Dasma is ripping people off with their stupid policies inconveniencing people, I have admired you from afar (and was actually silently laughing at you for wailing like a baby). Never did I know that our lives will be changed by that fateful day. I never thought you’d communicate with me and be a Good Samaritan to a poor Filipino having a difficult time in the land of Ataturk. You were my angel all those time. Thank you so much for sparing your time, money, extra room, and several cups of coffee to spend time with me. I hold them dearly canim. Life in Turkey would have taken a different spin if you weren’t there. I could have just packed my bags and left. You helped me see the beauty of the country by letting me meet your extended Turkish family and seeing who the real Turk people are. And with your special day here, I can only wish all the good things that this life can offer. More travels, adventures and misadventures, newly discovered coffee shops selling real coffee, nice running shoes for that 10 km you were preparing for, good cheese, nice wine, good book and a lot of the simple pleasures in life. Let’s travel again soon tatlim. Let’s believe it will happen again. Insallah. Enjoy your day and happy happy birthday!!!!

Yes, my wishes are still the same. You are such a good soul. You never fail to care even across the miles. 🙂 Ben cok cok coooooooooook seviyorum. Sus! Insallah haydi gorusuruz sonra!