Three Chapters After

Life is so funny. It has this uncanny ability of sending you THAT right person at THAT right time.

I haven’t talked to this friend for a long time. As in a really long time. But I had this feeling last night that he will show up soon in one way or another because my birthday is around the corner and it is against his religion to miss sending his good wishes on my big day.

He messaged me in FB this morning asking where I am. I said home. Then my mobile started ringing.

The conversation was the typical how have you been and how’s everything going. If there’s one thing about this friend though, he has a memory of an elephant. Or maybe he just chooses to remember. He was asking me how things went with my last story and I was like, “What?! Did I tell you that?! Oh my gad! I am such a blabbermouth!” And he can really embarrassingly detail the things I said.  Wow. I truly respect his brain. 🙂

Anyway, I just told him that was so yesterday. I am now THREE CHAPTERS AFTER.

We have to hang up quickly early this morning because he was driving but a few hours ago this evening, my phone started ringing. It was him. Again.

I have barely finished saying my hello when he straightforwardly said, “Let’s hear the story of the Three Chapters After”.

Ha!!! This guy never forgets!

And if there is one person who should hear the story of the “Three Chapters After” that would be him. Haha. I am just smiling as I type this. This friend is just amazing.

He patiently listened with his occasional brash remarks here and there but never stopped me until I am done with my last sentence.

And I felt better. That’s it. I just felt better.

He was the perfect person for the job. He was made for it.

After the what-where-you-thinking, bringing me back to earth, and some in depth analysis of the whole situation, it was time for the final words.

Sometimes bliss happens but it doesn’t mean it’s forever.

There will be more things to come.

There will be signs.

Take it easy and relax.

What my meditation mantras cannot do to me, this friend was able to stack neatly in my brain.

I can just shake my head now and smile. How come I have friends like him?

I am just so blessed.

Thank you. 🙂


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