Who Moved My Cheese?


That was my only thought as I put the book down. Wow.

If I have to rate all the books I have read so far this year, “Who Moved My Cheese?” will win hands down.

I have been seeing this book since Uni days but never bothered to buy and read one. My excuse before was it is too expensive for less than a hundred page of text. After several years, I find the storyline too simple and too self-help that I opted for the thicker, more “worthwhile” read.

Well, look who was enamoured by the book now? I found some downtime around 6 PM today and was reminded of this book that I got last Thursday. I actually have no intention of buying this book but as I was about to pay for a purchase in NBS, I realized I only have my credit card with me. No debit cards, no ATM, no cash. What the hell. I have to make my purchase reach a certain amount so I can pay via CC. So there, I grabbed this.

And I am smitten.

“Who Moved My Cheese?” captured the different behaviors of people when it comes to change. Simple as the characters and the plot maybe but I am sure the reader can identify who he resembles most in the story. It surely did it to me.

We can be Scurry, Sniff, Haw and Hem at one point in our lives and we can see where those characteristics led us. I have been all four and have seen their effect. But the main baon that I got after I read the last page of the book was that change is constant and the way we react to it will determine the quality of life we will have.

It was such a great story. You can finish it in 15 minutes if you’re that fast. But I am betting my book collection (which is not that much… haha) that the lessons will linger, challenge and move you to action to finally deal with that Cheese.

Please do yourselves a favor. Please read the book. 🙂

And the part which spoke to me greatly at this point in my life:


Alan gave me “The Present”, another of Spencer Johnson’s books, early September. He believes I need to read it. The story was simple but thought-provoking. Still, the book above gets the top mark.


4 thoughts on “Who Moved My Cheese?

    1. Hi Kuya Jedh. I started reading it last week. Stopped for a while for some “leisure” reading. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion. Ano pa kaya? 🙂

      1. Try Machiavelli (The Prince), Maxwell authored books, there’s a lot out there. You have a talent in writing as I followed your post. Keep it up and good job!

      2. Waaaah… Thanks Kuya Jedh. 🙂 The goal is to just chronicle life events and share. I read parts of The Prince in uni for a philosophy class. I think I will reread that. And I have some Maxwells here. I tried leafing through them yesterday looking for some life lessons I need at this point in time. Haha. Drama mode. 🙂 Thanks! Thanks! Now I know there is at least one person reading my thoughts. Ahahahahahahaha.

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