Thanks to September

This would be my last week at home where there will be a semblance of “normalcy”. How can September pass by just like that? I am getting anxious, scared and excited all at the same time for the coming weeks.

One month of being home, catching up with family and friends and just living the life I was so used to for years, was a very nice reminder of God’s blessings and graces in my life. It will also be a source of strength and power for me later on if the going gets tough.

To say that I maximized my September to bits is an understatement because really, days are not enough to spend quality time with all the wonderful people in my life.

Thanks to September because I got to enjoy our house again and be with my parents. It is true what they say that we are too busy growing up that we don’t seem to realize that our parents are growing old too. This September, I was able to appreciate more my parents and what they did to raise us as wonderful citizens of the world. When we were young, we always thought our parents are immortal. That they have superpowers and can do anything and everything for us. But as we grow old, we also realize that parents are humans who have needs, personalities and their own lives. And those make them even more lovely. I might not be able to really show the love and appreciation that I have for them the way they want me to, but life means them.

Thanks to September because I was able to spend a month with my sister while she is recovering from her operation. I could say this is the longest that we have endured each other’s company and surprise, we enjoyed it to bits. We got to know further each other’s quirks and idiosyncrasies and lived with it, and we had the best laugh in our lives for years. It was just pure sisterly love and I am grateful for it.

Thanks to September I was able to be with my brother and sister-in-law and saw how they can be steady anchors that I can depend on always. They are my beautiful posts. My brother’s crazy antics which I abhor when I was young never fail to make me laugh. It is really in growing up when you see in hindsight how all these childhood years of fighting and putting up with each other can be wonderful memories to cherish and look back to. And my sister-in-law’s strength and courage will always be inspirations in my own battles in life.

Thanks to September I realized that my nephews are growing up. I know they will always be kids to me but the wonder and amazement I feel everytime they come over and show new developments of blossoming personalities never fail to tickle my soul. I love them to pieces and I wish them a very good and exciting life ahead.

Thanks to September I was able to spend time with friends who are part of the wonderful stories of my years. My sister-in-law said one time that she is amazed how I was able to keep so many friends through these years. It was an aha moment for me. I’ve never consciously examined how amazing my friendships have developed all through these years. And when I did, I was enveloped with love and happiness. I have’t been really home for years now. I am more like passing through once in a while because of the life choices I have made. And it warms my heart that despite space and time, true friends are true friends. They will always be there no matter what. They are never lost and will never be lost. They are hand-picked gems that will stay with me because they are special. I am so happy they chose me to play a part in their lives. And I know that it might take months or years again for us to be physically together but the bond we shared will never be broken. It has been imprinted in our souls. It can never be erased.

Thanks to September for showing my heart what it is capable of doing. That it can love honestly and deeply and can feel pain and sorrow in the same magnitude. Sometimes people come in our lives unannounced and we open the doors of our hearts little by little until they are fully in. We would have wanted to entertain them longer and maybe bolt and lock them in but that would be going against the rules of life. One thing I learned is that doors should always be left open. We owe it to ourselves to keep it open; sometimes to let people in, sometimes so they can freely go out, or sometimes to show them out the door. Thanks to September for this wonderful opportunity to see another side of myself which is beautiful.

And lastly, thanks to September for reaffirming the beauty of my soul.I have forgotten it the past few months and have allowed moss to creep up and cover who I really am, a beautiful soul crafted in the image and likeness of God. Thanks to September for reminding me again that life on earth is fleeting and that this is not where I really belong. To always seek to be mindful of my thoughts and to always give positive thoughts to myself and to others should be my joy. Now, it is with me again.

Thank you September. Your 30 days won’t be forgotten.

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