An Incoherent Saturday Post

Doctor: Hija, let me ask you a question. Do you think it is possible for a man to romantically love several women all at the same time? 

Me: Hmmm… I don’t know.

Doctor: Well, if you’d ask me I would say no. I don’t think so.

Me: Oh. So you don’t think it’s possible?

Doctor: How can you love several women simultaneously? Loving entails loyalty. Not doing so is tantamount to cheating.

Hmmm… makes sense…

I was Mom’s driver today. She underwent several tests a few days ago and has a scheduled check up with one of the doctors this Saturday.

As we were seated in the doc’s office discussing the results, the consultation veered towards the topic on erectile dysfunction, enlargement of the prostate and the conversation above. I was like, what the hell??? Ahahahahaha. My mind was too focused on strategizing how to be an F1 racer in SLEX without getting caught by the enforcers because I have to be home by 2 PM. I NEED TO WATCH UAAP CHEERDANCE COMPETITION!

But he went on saying,

You know hija, they said women are like fruits. They are very unique. They have their own shapes, sizes, taste, aroma. On the other hand, men like fruit salad.

Ahahahahahahahahahahaha. I can just laugh. Are these pronouncements relevant to what I am going through now? I can just guess. The universe is probably mocking me.

Anyway, thank God my Mom’s results were ok. We hope not to come back to that hospital anytime soon.

We said goodbye to the chatty doctor around 12 noon. Mom said we still have time to grab a quick lunch before my “engagement”. We went to Aviles.

If you live in Calamba then you’d know Aviles is equivalent to Bulalo. Bulalo or Beef Shank Soup is a typical Filipino dish that is so delish.

We got one of that and some other stuff.

Food for the young:

Marrow aka Utak

Food for the old:

Pinangat na Yellow Fin Tuna

Then came the bill. It was just Mom and me so it won’t be much, I thought.

Are you crazy???? Php500 for the bulalo????!!! It must have been a long time since we last ate there hence the surprise. Or maybe because I was just not the one paying for the meals before? Anyway, I looked forlornly at the bulalo which I didn’t even manage to hurt. That Bulalo soup is coming home with me.

And guess what, Mom suddenly had this urge to go grocery shopping. She said she’ll be very quick. Waaaaaa. I kept checking my watch. I NEED TO WATCH UAAP CHEERDANCE COMPETITION!

Well, she was right. It didn’t take her long. I kind of made sure it won’t take her long because I was following her around like a dog so she won’t forget.

We were home by 2:30.

And the rest is history.

We won.


Aviles is located in Real Hi-way, Calamba, Laguna.


Did I say UP win? 😉

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