Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There)

September 20, 2012

My sister and I found ourselves in the University of the Philippines Los Banos. We were there for a purpose. Aside from eating Isaw and Proven in Raymundo, which was a great disappointment because there was no Proven to be found (wala daw makuhanan sabi nong nagtitinda ng isaw), we were set to watch one of Cinemalaya’s independent films entitled “Ang Nawawala”.

After seeing their teaser in one of the FB wall posts of my friend a few weeks ago, I told myself I have to watch at least one of their featured films. I managed to force convince my sister to join me. I just have to grab those tickets.

And who else would be the best person for the job but Chico, a former student turned friend turned colleague turned nemesis turned forever maasahan. The tickets came with great seats, the perks of being a faculty (in our case, friends of a faculty).

Chico being the uber busy that he is (read:paimportante) has to be fetched from the Infirmary then brought back to ONE of his offices to pick up his things before we can go to the auditorium. The certificates and trophies that litter his cubicle give you a preview of the kind of life he has. 🙂

I miss this friend.

So, we were all settled and ready to watch the film.

An open forum with the film makers ensued after.

I aint giving any review or analysis of “Ang Nawawala” as I don’t know how to. But one thing that my sister, Chico and I agreed on while waiting for dinner that night was that it would have been nicer if Gibson’s last line were, “Mom, it’s me, Jamie”.

And speaking of dinner, it was a struggle to choose where to eat afterwards. We landed in Mio Cucina, a quaint little resto offering authentic Filipino-Asian food boasting of fresh ingredients. Aside from the fact that it is not as busy as the other student hang-outs, the menu selection is great.

Chatters with spoonfuls of rice, sole fish fillet and kare-kare completed the day. It was a night well-spent.

Thanks to these people who joined me and were such great company.

On the way home, we were flagged down by a guy and his flash light. I wasn’t thinking of stopping thinking he might just want some donation for a certain cause. But then again, I stopped. It turned out a train is coming. What the hell.

There wasn’t even a hint of signal except for that flashlight-waving guy. That was scary. We were happy we stopped.


You can check out everything about “Ang Nawawala” here:


Mio Cucina is located in the driveway behind Community Cable Vision (CCV) along Lopez Avenue — the road leading to UPLB. You can contact them here: (049) 536-3311.


The ugly food photos were taken by Chico. There. Happy? 🙂

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