All Around Mug :)

Are you here or are you there? Let’s eat Hakaw at David’s on Monday. 11ish.

– Joyce

One good friend of mine aka Enoc once said,

Friends are like different decanters. You need to choose which one is appropriate for your drink at the moment. Some  can only take wine, some can only take iced drinks, some can take hot beverages, while some can take them all in.

Oh yes, he can be wise and philosophical sometimes that’s why I love him to bits. Anyway…

Joyce is my all-around decanter. Any drink fits. You can pour in wine, iced tea, hot choco, coffee, or maybe your occasional beer. It won’t break.

Ever since she camped to the cubicle next to mine several years ago, Joyce has been consistent in being a friend for keeps. We always meet eye to eye. Our choices being the same most of the time. From the most mundane notebook style to the profoundest philosophies in life. 🙂

I might have been away from the university where everything began for us but she has been a consistent fixture all these years. Meet-ups are always right on mark with no complications. I think we know each other too well. She knows me too well, I might say. 🙂

Our quick dates are always enough to fill in each other on what’s going on in each other’s lives. Sometimes, stories aint needed. We are always updated. We find ways. 😉

And today is no different. Quick chatter, a sip of soup here and there, nice coffee and dessert, and we have taken our fill. It would always be enough up until the next meeting.

Thanks Joyce. Till next time.


Typical Joyce to always get me something. Thanks again! 🙂


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