Ibyang’s Chicken Inasal

One of my very good friends made one very big and scary decision in her life.

She quit her job.

Yes. After working for 10 years in the corporate world she tendered her resignation to start a new chapter in her life, be an entrepreneur.

And today is the day.

After working hours,  I, together with friends who were free,  went to the opening of their baby project, Ibyang’s Chicken Inasal.

Being a supportive gal pal and a patay-gutom at heart, nothing can deter me from trying a great-tasting food. Other friends who did pre-tasting of the dish have been raving about how the chicken was cured and how it tastes so well. I can’t be left behind so I better try it for myself.

Come 7 PM, Bert, May and I camped to Ibyang’s Chicken Inasal. It is not your fancy version of air-conditioned Mang Inasal with uniformed servers together with ringing and banging cash registers (though they are getting there) but more of a personal service of a husband and wife team. The target market are the students of the nearby schools and the typical Juans who pass by.

But mind you, the taste of their food is exceptional and I am not saying this because she is my friend. This group of friends are never known to sugar coat words when it comes to comments and harsh reactions but really, all you can hear from us as we bite into those freshly grilled inasals were “Aaahhh… ang sarap.”, “Shocks, panalo.” and “Mother, wagi ka.”

Ibyang’s Chicken Inasal’s debut might only be today but definitely the jitters and the nerves didn’t show. Everything was smooth and in order. Natural restaurateurs! Good job.

One of my favorite couples, Bee and Ivy, with their customized Ibyang’s cap sponsored by Bert’s Sumbrero in Platero.

I wish you all the best Mother and Bee. There is no turning back. And for sure you wouldn’t want to turn back because it will all be worth it.

More power to Ibyang’s Chicken Inasal and you’ll definitely see more of our faces there. Great food will always be worth the long drive. 🙂


*Ibyang’s Chicken Inasal is located in San Pedro High Way in front of St. Louis Anne College.


9 thoughts on “Ibyang’s Chicken Inasal

  1. must try talaga yan kaptid. mag text din me dyan sa mga taga P.A alvarez na dyan na lahat kumain. hehhe. ska pag may special event at open house sa inyo magtake or mag order ng pagkain. sa wento pa lang, masarap na. lalu pag natikman. GOD BLESS kaptid sa bagong buhay. GO NEGOSYO.

    1. Dre, salalamt sa comment..:) pakisabihan ang mga taga PA Alvarez ha..:) dalaw kayo dun ni chi..:) mapapaenglish ka talaga sa sarap..:)

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