Remember, Turkey Loves You! :)

*When I declared at the start of the year that my 2012 will be a certified bestseller, you commented that you hope to be one of its chapters. I can readily say now that you are more than just one chapter Fernandacim. You have always found your way to insert your character in every major event in my life despite the distance (read:nuisance… ahahahahahaha… JOKE!). Hence, I decided to repost here that message I sent you on your birthday to remind me of how this wonderful friendship started, blossomed and is still continuing to flower despite and inspite of time and space. Cok tessekur ederim canim benim. 🙂 

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.

– An ancient Chinese belief

I don’t know how it happened. I never liked you from the beginning. I remember I sent you a very distressed message in FB about the quality of life I was having in my first two weeks in Turkey. I needed help in whatever form that time but I felt you didn’t take it seriously. You just told me to hang in there and maybe we can have a beer with the others when I find time.

I didn’t find that very helpful. I was in the brink of getting crazy and what you offered me was a beer? A beer for this prudish Asian? How will that solve anything? You must be kidding me.

Then, in one of my moments when I was ready to throw in the towel and was seriously contemplating on coming back home, I saw you walking in Carsi. I was with Saide that time and the desperate in me invited myself to join you. You were about to meet Biray and Katya to have dinner and share a mug or two of beer. I was so depressed and sad and it seems the world is crumbling down on me and you look so relaxed and satisfied and seems to be enjoying a good life. I hated that. I hated you.

The dinner with the three of you was fine but I never felt accepted. I felt you were cliquish. I told myself that would be my last meeting with you. I don’t want to waste my time with this self-centered Brazilian.

But you were always there hanging in the background. I got an invite from you to a Christmas celebration. You brandished that it will be spectacular since a lot of Brazilians are coming. Here she goes again, I thought, thinking Brazilians will always make the party come alive. I ditched the party and spent time with the two interns I met at that time, Mila and Florina.

I saw you several times after that, once during Katya’s Christmas dinner and another during the AIESEC dinner prepared for us. I never warmed up with you. I never forgot that moment when I was in my lowest lows in Turkey and you offered me a beer instead.

And then you invited us to your birthday party in Doping. What do I expect? A drinking party for a Brazilian. I found good friends already that time and they all wanted to go to your party so I dragged myself along. I decided to get you something to be POLITE. Some socks to keep you warm since the cold Turkish
winter is taking its toll on many. And I was surprised. I saw a different Fernanda. You just came back from your trip to London and maybe that was where the positive aura was coming from but I also saw something else.

We never had the chance to really talk then because the place was brimming with your friends from all over the world but I started to see you differently. I decided to give this friendship another chance. All along, you were not an egoistic brat who only thinks about herself all the time. I saw that you cared and people cared back.

Then we had that picnic in Degirmendere and had a good laugh with the others. And then it was followed by our trip to Bursa. Since then we were inseparable. I realized that there is more than what meets the eye for this beer-drinking Brazilian.

I knew from then on that you were somebody connected to me by an invisible red thread.

It has been 8 months since we were together physically but the bond that we have is stronger than ever. I want to believe this will be forever. How in the world can two people living in two different corners of the world, speaking two totally different languages, living two totally different lifestyles, following two separate sets of beliefs call themselves friends?

We were able to scrape through the bottoms of ourselves and see that amidst all these superficial differences, we are one and the same. We love life and we are not scared to live it the best way we can. That’s what is keeping us connected.

We will forever be each other’s greatest cheerleaders until we have won our own set of battles and see the world the way we imagined it to be: beautiful, not constricting, free.

Happy birthday Fernandacim. I am happy to have found one of the greatest gems in my life in the first quarter of my stay here on earth and I plan to keep you until the world tells me otherwise.

I will always be excited to hear new stories from you and is always looking forward that the invisible red thread connecting us will get shorter from time to time and pull us again together maybe to share another bir bardak cay, or bir tane roll et durum. I know it will happen again. We just have to believe.

And I don’t take it against you now that you offered me a beer when all I wanted was somebody who will listen to me that October of 2010. I realized now that a beer will always be an instrument to get people together and can be a solvent to open up wonderful opportunities and experiences in life. I learned that from you. Somehow the alcohol brought wonderful changes in my life. *wink*

With much love and deep positive thoughts sent your way,
Your cok tatli Filipinler arkadas 🙂


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