Salcedo Market with Alan

It was an early Saturday morning and Alan and I found ourselves in Salcedo Market. Actually, I forced Alan to come with me. Ahahahahahahaha. Thanks Babe.

credits to Alan for the photo

I have always wanted to visit this market. Friends and acquaintances say it is nice. Lots of finds like cooked food from different parts of the world, some special items made by the sellers themselves, interesting mix of people, and just the idea of a market in the Central Business District of Manila.

So there, 8:30 in the morning and we were making our rounds. It was smaller than I expected but the variety of products sold were interesting. And since we were both famished, off to the food stalls we went.

Holy cow.

It took us quite a while to decide what to eat. I think we did around 3 rounds before finally deciding which to get. Tables are set up in the middle of the rows of stalls so no hassle when it comes to feeling comfy while eating.

Reminded me of Driss and his Moroccan flag.
Tatlim, your Mom’s sweets were still way way way better than this.

The place seems to be frequented by young, old, locals and expats alike. Some probably go for breakfast, some to pick up their ingredients for their meal, or some just to see what the place can offer.

Will I go back there again? Yes, for breakfast.

Will I buy ingredients for my meal there? No way. It is too expensive.

But the experience was nice. It was a Saturday well spent.

Some more photos from that Saturday:

Me and my Turkish delights. 

credits to Alan for the photo
Yay! One happy camper. I mean two happy campers.

Salcedo Market is open every Saturday from 7 AM to 2 PM or so their website says. 🙂

Check this link:


One thought on “Salcedo Market with Alan

  1. those were homely and authentically made and honestly it doesnt get better than that ) but again people have different likes of course thank you for visiting

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