Dear Oliver

Dear Oli,

I was getting ready for my afternoon siesta when I was jolted from my Stage 1 slumber and was suddenly enveloped by intense irritation and disgust with self.

This is unforgivable.

I always associate your birthday with the birthdays of two of my closest buds in High School. Ana on September 1 and LA on September 12.

I don’t know what happened this year but the neural connection got confused. It got associated with the 12th. I know no amount of explanation and defense to self can justify my sordid misdeed. And until now I am embarrassed not only to myself but to you for this mental lapse.

Which got me into a contemplative question, “What kind of a friend am I?”

With all these social media and influx of so much information, I got lost and  unfocused on the things that really matter.

This is one big lesson.

I know that even if I announce to the whole world how great a friend you are to me and how I value you dearly, one thing remains, I forgot your birthday. I am deeply sorry.

I can castigate myself, get depressed, and be miserable the whole month, but I know you know that deep inside my heart, as I have always been telling you, no amount of distance, time, and forgotten dates can replace you here.

You will always be one of my greatest friends until the end of time.

Happy birthday Oli.

I might have missed the day but the good wishes are for always. I will see you soon and I love you.

– Leslee


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