International Driving Permit

If you can get a driver’s license in the Philippines in a jiffy, getting an International Driving Permit here is jiffier (if there is such a word).

I decided to get one recently just in case I find myself in other countries and driving a car is inevitable. Yeah, like I will try. I will be scared to death for sure (even though I know I had the best training in keeping myself alive while on the road).

So there, I googled stuff and was directed to this site:

So it turned out that there is a different arm that gives international driving permit here in the country. It is called the Automobile Association of the Philippines or AAP. I have always thought I have to get it at LTO.

Anyway, I did some phone calls, located where the nearest office from my place is, prepared the documents and the fee and voila, I am ready.

The nearest AAP from my place is in Alabang. It is next to the LTO office and is almost in front of St. Jerome church.

I got  there around 11 AM on a Friday and it took me less than 10 minutes to complete the process. I just filled out the information sheet they provided, handed over my documents and paid the fee. These are the fees:

1 year validity – Php1800

13 months – 3 years validity – around Php 4000 (sorry I forgot)

I suggest that if you will renew your license and you need more than a year of International Driving Permit, do it at the same time. The validity on your official driver’s license will always be the basis of the maximum duration they can allow on your International Driving Permit plus you pay the same amount for a 13-month to 3-year length anyway. Am I making sense? Ahahahahaha. You can just call them for all your questions.

The processing is quite fast. They asked me to come back the following day for pick-up. They have office even on a Saturday!

I never got to claim it the following day, though. I have a life. 🙂 I only managed to get it yesterday because I was in the area. I just handed over the receipt that they furnished me when I paid the fee, they asked me to sign a small notebook and there, International Driving Permit granted. No tests, no frills, no hassles. I am not so sure if I should be happy though.

Anyway, this is what I got.


I saw a note there saying that this permit cannot be used in Japan and Taiwan as our license is not honored as valid there. Ok. Whatever.

So there. I hope this was helpful.


4 thoughts on “International Driving Permit

  1. yes, this is the one which im currently using here in canada..all u said are true, and im eligible to drive for a year here before converting/applying for an alberta driver’s license (CBT + actual road test). All u need is this one, then go to a car rental shop in any country, sign some form (insurance, monthly/day fee, etc.), and off you go on the road.

  2. Hi! I hope this blog is still in use.
    Was just wondering, when applying for an IDP, are they going to take your original LTO issued license and replace it with the IDP one or they just use the original LTO license for reference and return it afterwards??

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Jasper,

      The blog is still in use from time to time. About your question, they did not keep my driver’s license. They just used it for verification then returned on the same day of application. You will be given a claim sheet which you needto present on a specific date. Hope this helps.

      1. Wow! Thank you so much! Really appreciate it. Did not expect you’d respond and I couldn’t find this specific info on the internets, all I could find was just the requirements and the process so, this definitely helps 🙂

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