My Express Mail Is Not So Express

Because I need to displace all my energy into something and not think about that thing which has been bothering me for several months now, so here we go.

I have been waiting for that package since it was sent last August 28. Based from the tracking number from their post office, it has arrived in the Philippines (I reckon Manila) last August 30. If things will work out efficiently, by the 31st, that is Friday, it should have landed in the post office in Calamba. And then there’s weekend so the people aren’t at work so come Monday it should have been delivered.

Nada. I asked my Dad to check for me. I have some very bad encounters with them before. They clearly need training in customer service. But I don’t know what they are going through as a government arm so I will just keep my mouth shut. According to the postman, it will take a couple or more days. Maybe by Tuesday next week it will be in our doorstep.

What the?!

It is clearly stated in the tracker (which I tried to locate just now from their website but unfortunately is not being friendly with me) that it is here.

Where the hell can it be and what is taking it so long?! Common sense fails me.


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