With my new project of busting my cellulite and slimming my thighs, I have to be scientific in measuring my progress.

Enter the dependable medida aka tape measure. I asked Dad earlier to buy one for me from Ycasas, the trusty craft shop here in Calamba.

Don’t blame me if this is a stupid idea or that I am doing it all wrong. These all came from my smart alecky sister.

So here are the numbers. Ok. Please don’t gasp.


Pusod aka Belly button32.5″

Hips40″ (I know right!)

Upper Leg aka the largest part of my thigh24″ (this can be the size of a girl’s waist! What the?!)

Lower Leg aka near my nunal19″

Weight58.5 kilos(!)

They should be lower after 30 days, errr… 26 more days. I started panting for  slimmer thighs for four days already.

Yay! Wish me luck.