Because I Fail To Accept That I Have Cellulites

I know they are there. I am just pretending not to notice.

But now they are pressing their way, becoming a nuisance, wanting to be recognized.

So there, I gave them their 30-seconds of fame. And holy cow, they are many.

I fail to accept that. I fail to share spotlight with them. They have to go. I need to get rid of them.

It is my third work-out day trying to bust them all out. I started last Thursday, August 30. I vowed to a 5-day workout. Saturdays and Sundays being my rest days.

30 minutes of air dyne bike and some leg raise exercise will do the trick. I hope so. I actually am not sure if what I am doing is right. But what the heck. I am perspiring like a pig, my heart’s pumping blood like crazy, something it has not done in a long long while, and my muscles are getting stretched. Good job.

It is a 30-day plan and then we will see.

My sister told me to measure all the the circumferences that I can measure so I will know if things are moving. Tomorrow, I will do that.

I will fight these cellulite with vigour. Failure is not an option. 🙂


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