Because We Are So Lucky To Have Him

Remember this day, girl? I still laugh my ass out. 🙂

Since I created a post for my Mom last Mother’s Day, Dad would be utterly jealous if I don’t make one for him now.

I am thinking of the funniest Dad moment but can’t think of one. Only because my Dad is extremely funny. He might look like not it but he really is. Just watch Eat Bulaga with him and you can see what kind of sense of humor he has. He can never stop laughing with the antics of Vic and Jose. Watching Eat Bulaga after lunch with him will surely make you laugh till you cry. He is intense.

So since there is no one funniest moment as of yet for my Dad, let me make him happy by listing why I am happy to be his daughter.

1. Obviusly I look like him. I may not be his spitting image but when friends see my Dad and Mom, they will always say I got it from my Dad. Think color.

2. He cooks very mean arroz caldo and sopas. If Mcboo who is the pickiest eater in the world requests my Dad on a rainy Sunday to cook it, it must be really good.

3. He can never say no to his lovely daughters. We are his princess. Of course, Mom will always be queen. Wherever he maybe, just ask Dad to buy merienda and you will have it when he gets home. And when we say please go home fast as we are starving or we just need to borrow the car, he is home in a jiffy. That’s how devoted he is to our whims and how he spoils us. Our wishes is his command, most of the time lest we throw a tantrum.

4. Dad will always be the handyman. Anything we need be it the best person to help us in this so and so problem to finding so and so place or fixing so and so thing, he’s got it covered. He even makes sure my room is clean every time I go home. He is just super.

5. It’s always very hard for us to convince him to go out. He just finds everything so tiring and far and expensive. But when he’s there, boy, look who’s found his playground. He is the one who always gets the grandest time.

Listing won’t do justice how amazing my Dad is but he is, just like everybody who claims they have the best Dad ever.

I won’t argue. I just want to give those who claim they have one of the best a wink and a secret smile. Let’s celebrate this wonderful day with them.


And since I am stuck here in the Land Down Under, still,  you got a very nice gift, Ddy. What else but your favorite Tee. Ahahahahahaha. See you soon. 🙂


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