June 8, 2012, Friday
5:00 AM



It is a cold early morning here in Sydney.

I woke up at an ungodly hour of 3:30 AM. I tried to go back to sleep. Did some stuff to snooze till 8. Gossiped with my Brazilian friend, wasted time in FB, rolled in bed for an hour. No avail.

I got up and fixed myself a cup of tea. That’s the best I can have now. I would love to have some cold Teh Tarik but where the hell can I get it? Plus the weather is freezing so I don’t think it’s a good idea. The tiled floor feels like a fridge. I have to hop to look for a warm spot in the room, none. The bed is my best bet.

And then suddenly, nostalgia came in. I suddenly remembered my YFC days. Those times when we have to wake up early in youth camps. Piling up in the mess hall to have breakfast that the coordinators prepared. Dressing up and looking our best to impress our crushes. Childish stuff.

I remembered Christmas, as well. Cold weather always reminds me of Christmas. Those times when Mom would wake us up because Santa left our gifts. We have to take a shower in the biting cold because we have to go to church and hear mass. The joy of greeting people in the church, the smiles from the people in the street, the food in my grandparents’ place, the long drive to my other grandparents’ place. Christmas dinner. Those stuff. They warmed my heart.

Memories are gushing. Been trying to figure out why. I have been away for exactly a month now. Not a big deal. But reminders of home are popping. Messages from one of the best persons who know me in and out keep popping in yahoo. Happy photos of lovely friends posted in FB doing fun stuff together without me. Messages from my Mom asking when I will be home. Messages from my sister and the recent happenings in her life. I even dreamt of home last night. This night, as well.

But I have to admit Sydney has been very nice. There were bumps here and there. Moments when I cry myself to sleep because I am so tired, homesick, cold. But those are rare moments. There were more fun times, laughter, new experiences, new friends.

New people I don’t want to lose.

People I want to keep.