Just as I consider my year a book, a bestselling one at that, and so I need characters, characters to complete my story.

CHARACTERS will be a collection of people who are close to my heart and are stamping their mark in my 2012.

Let’s start with him.

Just how I like my friends, slightly mentally retarded.
I have to babysit them once in a while.

Who: Enoc

What: A former student turned alipin turned super friend and future lover boy (in Lorina’s dreams… mabubugnot na naman si Enoc nito. Ahahahahahahaha)

Where: Our story started last November, 2003 when he danced otso-otso  just to be accepted in Psy 1.

Where: OUR-SR, that’s the room.

How: The friendship began when he added me in Friendster and started sending me long messages. O umamin ka. Wag mong ideny. Humaling na humaling ka lang sa mga kalokohan ko dati. And I am sure ipapaalala mo na naman ang walang kamatayang “I look into your eyes… so far away…”

Why: Enoc has been a great friend through and through. He has been a household name. My Dad and Mom knows him. When I come home late and I tell them I met up with Enoc, my Mom will just say “Lumandi ka na nama.” Enoc’s dentists are my brother and sister-in-law. My sister is Enoc’s greatest fan sa kalokohan. My closest friends like Oliver love Enoc to bits. Enoc can knock sense in my head and make me see things in a different perspective. He may look like somebody who talks nonsense and he really is. Joke! He is one of my friends who needs no warming up, who can make me laugh just because of his natural antics, who can talk about the most mundane to the most philosophical things, who can walk with you literally and figuratively and who can be called a friend for keeps. I don’t know what made our friendship work but we are just like that. I don’t have any “ignoble fear” that we will lose each other in this lifetime. Chos! E di kainin mo! Sobrang init kaya. Ayan o! Basahin mo!

Our recent pictures together.

The tried and tested formula of a wonderful Enoc-Leslee experience:

1. Good food.

2. Good book.

2. Great conversation.

Dumayo pa talaga ng Cubao!
A nice eggplant lasagna that we inhaled in an instant.
And a house pizza with scary onion rings.
Outside the run-down Bellinis owned by a perky Italian who was willing to “hawi” the curtains just to make sure we have a nice photo. And I just have to notice na naghuhumiyaw ang balakang ko. Nakakaloka!
Pero ito talaga ang dahilan ng lahat.

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