Earlier in the lift there was one guy when I got in.

Out of nowhere he started talking to me.


Guy: Which country are you from?

Me: (Gave him a weird look but is still tactful lest he tries something scary. I am trapped in that lift with him and the lobby is still a long way to go) Why?

Guy: I just wanna know.

Me: (was thinking if I’ll lie but opted to tell the truth) Philippines.

Guy: Which part of the Philippines?

Me: Manila (not looking at him)

Guy: Are you working here or are you a guest? Are you here alone or with your family?

Me: (Freaked out) Why do you wanna know?

Guy: Nothing. Just asking.

Me: With my family.



Thank God I reached my floor. I hope I don’t see him tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Please!


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