My sister and I found ourselves in a very compromising situation last night.

Two ladies traveling on our own made us maybe an easy target.

After dinner, two good-looking, well-bred Pinoys from the other table joined ours. A conversation started. They were interesting.  The night went on.

Being in the province, life ends early. 9 PM and the whole Barangay is sleeping. Wanting to have a few more drinks before my sister and I call it a night, we agreed to join them in search for an open place. And where did we end up? In their resort where the bar stays open up until people stays drinking.

Holy cow. I was feeling uncomfortable as we were just a few meters away from their room and one of the guys was dropping innuendos that we can check out their place after the rounds. I rolled my eyes. You wish.

Our resort is a good 10-minute walk (15-20 minutes for my sister. Yes, she is fat, unfit, I mean) from theirs with unreliable lampposts and howling dogs in the streets, a perfect scenario of a horror film.

You’ll know when danger is looming and you’re playing with fire.

The guys said it’s ok if we stay in their room and spend the night. ARE THEY CRAZY?! For sure we’re not.

The guys insisted. I stepped my foot down, told them straight to their faces, “We’re going home. It is not ok for us. Thank you very much.”

And then we walked away.