Dicapac and a Lot of Faith

I got my Dicapac today. I have been eyeing this underwater camera case for more than a month now.

My sister and I booked this holiday trip to see the whalesharks as early as January this year and I just have to immortalize that moment when I will be face to face with that beautiful animal. I have been convincing my sister to buy a new underwater camera since her old Olympus underwater camera died without her knowing. But she is a cheapskate and doesn’t want to part with her pesos. Maybe she knows that I will find a way to get an underwater camera or a case by hook or by crook. Errrr. I swear I am not going to take her photos underwater! Php100 per shot!

When I was in Singapore, I tried looking around for this underwater case but it is more expensive than the one I saw online here in the Philippines! My hopes soared high when I attended a Dive Expo in Marina Bay Sands and saw that they are selling sturdy and reasonably priced underwater camera cases. But all don’t carry a stock for my camera model. I also tried looking for it in Low Yat Plaza in Kuala Lumpur but one store staff told me that my camera is old already and they don’t carry a stock that will fit it. Errrrrrr to them. How dare them insult my camera?! I got it only in 2010!!! Ok. So maybe it is old…

So there, since my plan was to be in Manila today and my trip to the whalesharks is only a few days from now and the underwater cameras are too expensive for me to buy at this time when Mom is trying to redo the kitchen and she volunteered me and my sister to pay for it, I am left with no choice. Dicapac it is.

For only Php1,800 it is far cheaper than getting the cheapest underwater camera I found in SM which is Olympus costing around Php10k. Fine! Dicapac will do!

So after I got it from the online seller I met up in Glorietta, I was excited to test it. I youtubed how to test it and read some reviews which I have actually read a million times before. But I chanced upon this review which said that after three uses, his Dicapac gave up and ruined his whole camera. Holy cow! I AM SCARED!

The Dicapac I got is WP570 which is meant for Canon G series and Lumix T series. The idea of my Panasonic getting washed and dying haunted me. This is a nice camera which takes nice photos (even if I am on Intelligent Auto all the time)! I cannot afford to lose it! My Mom gave it to me! And I cannot afford to buy a new one now. That’s even more frightening.

So I decided that instead of putting my Panasonic in the firing range, I might as well exchange it for my pink Sony camera. I love that camera, mind you. It was my birthday gift to mysefl several years ago and it has served me well. IT HAS SERVED ME WELL. So does it mean I am ready for it to expire just in case?!  Hay. Still, better be in the safe side. The Panasonic is more precious to me now so end of debate.

The pink Sony looks extremely small in my WP570. It is not its compatible case. But what the heck! I am only going to buy a Dicapac once in my life. Next time, it will really be a decent underwater camera.

Risking is not my best hobby!

My Dicapac WP570
Testing it with a paper camera inside. The manual said it is a must to do this before risking a real one!
Now, dunking it in a kaserola! I AM SCARED!
This time in a timba! Hingang malalim!
Drying it to the bones. The paper is as dry as when it went in.
Now, the pink camera is ready to get in.
I took this shot just in case it's my final one with her. DON'T DIE, OK?!
One more time. You may be battered and used but I still love you to bits. Remember that.

And in my extreme anxiety, I forgot to take photos while the pink camera is in the water! I was so busy checking if it is still alive!

And alive it came out! Make sure you behave the same way on our trip!

So there! Here is the buwis buhay of my pink camera! Forget about the Panasonic getting inside that Dicapac. It will never happen! Or maybe up until I get a new decent point and shoot camera which I don’t see happening in the next couple of months!


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