I am 100% Filipino and 100% Turkish. Go figure.

I just finished having a late kahvalti in Mado, the Turkish restaurant I have been patiently waiting to open in Bukit Bintang. The place didn’t fail me. Turkey came rushing back.

It didn’t help that some staff are real Turks so the experience was almost complete. Save of course for the fact that I am in the swelteringly hot Southeast Asia now but which is always comparable to Turkey’s very hot summer anyway.

And I got to speak Turkish again! Masallah! After eating iki tane peynir borek, iki tane sigara ispanak borek, dort tane antepfistik baklava and drinking iki tane bardak cay, vaaaaay… the yakisikli Turk erkek gave me bedava cikolata ve kiraz dondurma to taste! And the kısa konusuyorsunuz brought tears to my eyes cementing my resolve to go back to the land of Ataturk. It feels like home.

Vaaaaay…. Vaaaaay…. Vaaaaaay… The heart speaks. Belki I am really a true Turk bayan.


Fernandacim, these are the words which I heard and came out of my mouth earlier while I was dining. Go figure what the conversation is. 🙂




Sekiz ay.

Hayir, sadece biraz.

Manti var mi??

Bir tane daha cay alabilirmiyim.

Daha sonra.

Tessekur ederim.

Rica ederim. Gule gule.