Supermarket,Getting Lost, Hungry, Hotel and LDR

I am having some downtime now. I finished my task early and the first thought that entered my mind is I have to find a supermarket.

What happened last night should never happen again. I woke up around 10 in the evening in a hotel bed (again) and realized that my stomach is churning. I went to the nearest shopping mall and found that most of the shops are closing. The only ones open are the fastfoods. My fastfood. I wouldn’t bat an eyelash to eat there but I just had my lunch there a few hours before and my stomach is shouting for real food.

I walked the street hoping that I will find a kopitiam that will suffice to what my taste buds and complaining intestines are begging. I found one, a Chinese resto just near my hotel which is about to close. They pitied me because I probably look ashen from hypoglycemia or something. I ordered pork in special sauce but the owner said it is oily, etc. What the?! She was probably thinking of a quick meal to whip for me so she can shut her shop for the night. So I ended up with Chicken Curry Noodle (take away, the lady insisted) and ate it in my hotel room. It is horrible. Not because the food is horrible but because a nice Sinigang is what I wanted to slurp then.

So anyway, I digress. I am looking for a supermarket so I can buy some quick eats if I find myself craving for food in the middle of the night. The receptionist gave me the directions. Just follow the street going to Chinatown and there you will see Fair Price.

I got lost. 🙂 I took the wrong turn. And I was so hungry (because I woke up late and didn’t get to eat breakfast, as usual) so I made a beeline straight to the first Kopitiam I found which doesn’t look expensive. I am hoping to save some money (yeah right).

So needless to say, I found myself going back to the hotel. It is a great day. Sunny and not so humid. But I am feeling sluggish. I think I have arthritis. My muscles in my left foot feels weird. Or maybe it is because of too much sleeping. Most probably.

And now I checked my newest favorite blog site I just discovered last night. The newest article made me smile.

This is how it should work. I can just imagine.


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