Places… People…

A friend has returned to Facebook.

It might not sound like a big deal but it is for me, somehow, especially when this friend is one of the keepers of one of the greatest times that I had in my life

Mila is one of my first international friends when I was in Turkey and we shared both highs and lows of that unforgettable time we had in the land of Ataturk.

Seeing everybody get excited again to reminisce and get updates on what has been happening in each others lives gives me a natural high.

I realized that in life, it is the people that really make an event unforgettable. Turkey in itself is already a wonderful country. Throw in it these different characters from all over the world and let them mix and socialize for months and you have the perfect recipe for an experience of a lifetime.

I am getting nostalgic now. It will take years and years to finally cure me from my contagious Turkish addiction.


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