The Second Quarter

At the start of the year, I declared that my 2012 will be a certified best-seller. It is unfolding to be as such. I say so because words are powerful.  Call it the Law of Attraction, Law of Gratitude, Law of the Harvest, God’s Providence or what-have-yous. I just believe.

My 2012 is a best-seller.

This is where I am chronicling bits and pieces of what has been happening this year. The first quarter was kept private. It is only now that I thought of sharing snippets of my year not to drown you with useless beats of my daily sojourns (though that would be likely from time to time) but hopefully to provide information, give ideas, share experiences and hopefully add a different perspective on the daily life that we have.

Come read with me as we experience and discover more the wonderful life that is entitled to us. Join me as I declare that truly, my 2012 is a certified best-seller.

I know yours is, too. 🙂


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