While wasting time in Flamingo Hotel two nights ago listening to BNO, they had this guest who is a famous personality in HK, too famous her name escapes me now. I googled her pic and saw that she has a nice tattoo on her shoulder, a bird.

And then this crazy idea popped up. I WANT TO GET ONE TOO! I WANT A BIRD AS A TATTOO!

So, why birds?

Birds because they will represent the places I have visited which left an imprint on my personality and led me to the person I am now.

The first bird is for South Africa, the country which opened my eyes to the wonderful world of travelling and opportunities. This country freed the inner potentials that I have. Least to say that the safari and collection of animals they have particularly birds is incomparable.

The second bird is for Turkey particularly the city Istanbul. That country showed me the beauty of a different culture and made me more open, accepting and loving to each individual in this world.

The third bird is for Malaysia. It will forever be etched in my mind that time when I was languishing by the pool of Flamingo hotel, relaxing after a month long of running around two countries to meet clients, a nice bird flew above me. Watching it was just amazing. Plus this country gave me a lot of opportunities to meet new people and help me more become self-actualized.

To immortalize these moments, I AM GETTING A TATTOO. When and where, those are the questions. But I will have them.

My tentative designs:

Excited. 🙂

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